Daniel Knox Is Coming to Cleveland (and Other Points East)


Oh, I’ve been waiting for this one. The sardonic Mr. Daniel Knox is bringing his unsettling cabaret songs to the Beachland Ballroom this Wednesday, April 11, when he opens for the Traveling Ladies’ Cello Society, a.k.a., Rasputina.

I was taken by Knox’s rockbottom warble and dancehall piano (and kazoo – don’t forget the kazoo) when I first heard him play Couch by Couchwest back in 2011. He graced the stage again at CXCW this year with a magical rendering of his ethereally menacing “Ghostsong”.



Incidentally, in addition to great albums like Evryman for Himself, Disaster, etc., Daniel has a new single – “To Make You Stay” (with the return of Akron son Ralph Carney on saxophone) b/w “Blue Car” – available at Bandcamp.



Show details:
Wed, Apr 11 | 8:30 PM (7:30 PM door)
Daniel Knox
$15.00 adv / $17.00 dos
Ballroom | All Ages


You can also catch Daniel with Rasputina at these dates:

04.06.12 Buffalo, NY The Tralf Music Hall
04.07.12 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
04.09.12 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
04.10.12 Chicago, IL Double Door
04.12.12 Morgantown, WV 123 Pleasant St
04.13.12 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
04.14.12 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory


Daniel Knox Official Website

Daniel Knox @ Tumblr

Daniel Knox @ Twitter

Daniel Knox @ Facebook

Phantom Tails: New Video and Tour Dates

The doom funk meisters of Minneapolis have produced a new, fantastical video for “Young Rapture” from their latest release The Armageddon Experience. It’s a little Labyrinth-y, a little MirrorMask-y, a little Mummenschanz-y.



Phantom Tails are also on the road starting next month.

April 6 @ Franks Power Plant- Milwaukee, WI w/ Terrible Awkward & Temple

April 7 @ TBA- Chicago, IL w/ Vamos & Made by Man

April 10 @ Silk City- Philadelphia, PA w/TBA

Aplil 11 @ Party Xpo 929- Brooklyn, NY w/TBA

April 12 @ Trash bar- Brooklyn, NY w/ Marvin Berry and the New Sound & Cult Fever

April 13 @ Springfest- Clemson, SC w/ Megafaun, Moon Taxi, Mr. Invisible & more

April 14 @ Flatiron- Greensboro, NC w/ Fort Wilson Riot & The Old One-Two

April 15 @ TBA- Atlanta, GA

April 16 @ TBA- Nashville, TN

April 17 @ The Melody Inn- Indianapolis, IN w/TBA

April 21 @ Kitty Kat Club- Minneapolis, MN w/ Dial-up, Buffalo Moon, Slapping Purses

May 25 @ Amsterdam- St. Paul, MN w/Red Daughters & The Goondas

June 9 @ Franconia sculpture garden


Phantom Tails @ Bandcamp

Phantom Tails @ Facebook

Phantom Tails @ Twitter

Grandfather in Cleveland Tonight


Grandfather is going to be part of a free bar show tonight at Now That’s Class. I wrote about them about a year ago when I was sucked in by their heavy, Steve Albini-engineered album Why I’d Try.



Showtime is 9 PM with Grandfather set to play at 10 PM. Come check them out. If you’re not in Cleveland tonight, they have a bunch more shows coming up around the country, including shows at SXSW.

3.05.12 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
3.06.12 – Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups w/ White Wolves, Stella, Tenth Generation
3.07.12 – Akron, OH @ Annabelle’s w/ The Hobs
3.08.12 – Bloomington, IN @ The Gourley Hole w/ Otis and the Rufies
3.09.12 – Louisville, KY @ Spinneli’s Pizza w/ Otis and the Rufies
3.10.12 – Nashville, TN @ The Thunderdome w/Otis and the Rufies
3.11.12 – Memphis, TN @ TBA
3.12.12 – Little Rock, AR @ Super Happy Fun Land
3.13.12 – Denton, TX @ Violitionist Sessions
3.14.12 – SXSW in Austin, TX
3.15.12 – SXSW in Austin, TX
3.16.12 – SXSW in Austin, TX 3:30PM Show
3.17.12 – SXSW in Austin, TX 2:00PM Show, 7:00PM Show, 1:30AM Show (Pearl St. SXSSUX Show)
3.18.12 – SXSW in Austin, TX
3.19.12 – Houston, TX @ The Mink w/Giant Battle Monster
3.20.12 – New Orleans, LA @ TBA
3.21.12 – Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar w/ The Helvetica Effect
3.22.12 – Birmhingham, AL @ TBA
3.23.12 – Atlanta, GA @ The BeAtlanta House w/ Big Jesus
3.24.12 – Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light w/ Mother Mange
3.25.12 – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone w/ Herra Terra
3.26.12 – Richmond, VA @ TBA
3.27.12 – Washington DC @ The Velvet Lounge w/ Treble Lifter
3.28.12 – Baltimore, MD @ TBA
3.29.12 – Jersey City, NJ @ The Lamp Post
3.30.12 – Philadelphia, PA @ Motel Hell w/ Ladder Devils, Girlfight, Psychic Teens
3.31.12 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Shop w/ Psychic Teens + more.

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound in Cleveland TONIGHT!


CLE, who of you will be out at the Beachland booty-shakin’ with me tonight? JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound will be working out their soul thang in the Tavern.



You can download an mp3 of the above song from Rolling Stone.

Then get yourself to the Beachland and say hey. As always, I welcome you to buy your favorite blogger a drink.

Thu, Dec 1 | 8:30 PM (8 PM door)
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
Aphrodite’s Hero
DJ Charles McGaw
Tavern | All Ages

Black Diamond Heavies: One Night Only!


Aw, hell yeah, this is a cool event, kiddies. On December 7, 2011, at 9 PM EST, Saving Country Music will be streaming the Black Diamond Heavies’ set from the 2009 Deep Blues Festival. BDH performed at the very first DBF, and not only does the 2009 set feature core members John Wesley Myers (a.k.a. James Leg, who will be playing live in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 5 at Now That’s Class) and Van Campbell, but it also includes a reunion with original BDH member Mark “Porkchop” Holder and support from guru/roadie extraordinaire U.S. Justin and BDH buddy Andy Jody (whose long and illustrious resume includes Pearlene, James Leg’s solo album and Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, to barely scratch the surface).



Be sure to trek on over to Saving Country Music ahead of time and download the live player plug-in beforehand so you’ll be ready when the fun gets going. And stock up on whiskey. It will be fucking awesome, I assure you.

An Update with Austin Lucas


NTSIB’s good friend Michelle Evans checks in with road report on Austin Lucas. Midwestern Ohio NOTE: Austin is playing Zanesfield TONIGHT. More details below.




I was able to catch up with Bloomington, Indiana musician Austin Lucas this past weekend before his set at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville, where he and his back-up band for the past couple of weeks, Glossary, opened for alt-country Tennessee rockers Lucero. It was a line-up made in heaven, for which people from all over the country drove and flew in. We talked about what it was like for him touring with Glossary, his European fan base, and what’s ahead.

You can catch him with his family band in Zanesfield, Ohio this Friday, November 25th at 7 p.m. at the Mad River Theater Works Studio, and/or next Friday, December 2nd at The Bishop with Murder by Death in Bloomington, IN. I don’t recommend missing these shows; he won’t be touring the U.S. again till next year.

How’s it been touring with Glossary?

Amazing. It’s like being on tour with five stand-up comedians. We just laugh a lot, and I mean a lot. Usually, I laugh a lot on tour, but it’s not often I go on tour with a band that’s been together 15 years and really knows each other and really gets along and also has so much camaraderie between them, and they’re dynamic is really good. They’re all really funny people and all really sweet people. Fitting in with them could’ve been really daunting, ya know, like a 6th wheel, but in this case, the 6th wheel runs real smoothly. It was the most natural tour experience I’ve had with another band.

How long have you been on tour with them now?

Two weeks. It was a short little tour.

How did y’all mesh musically, like with them playing your songs?

For me, great. In my way of thinking, really great. A lot of people at the shows were like, “Holy shit, I wish they were your band all the time.” At least the people who said anything to me felt that way. I’m sure there were people who thought, “He didn’t play any of his old songs,” or “He didn’t play very much acoustic,” but that happens.

Now, Todd Beene was with you that entire time, correct?

Yeah, of course. He was with Lucero up until our tour and then with us, and now these two shows with both of us. He prioritized Glossary and Austin Lucas. It was very sweet of him.

What’s ahead?

A lot of resting. I’m going home. I don’t have any dates, really, until I go to Mexico and then Europe, so I don’t have anything going on till then. I’m going to write songs, get in the studio maybe around January, something like that. We’ll see.

And you’re bigger in Europe, right?


How does Europe generally treat you? Like what are your favorite spots?

Finland’s my most favorite place to play in the world, without a doubt. Finland, the UK, and Germany are my three biggest markets, and in the UK, it’s really the south where I do well, like in London, Brighton, and pretty well in Leeds, but I haven’t really broke in the west and the north as well. In Europe, I sell out quite a few venues. At least I have on my other tours.

Which folks do you or have you toured in Europe with? Anyone we would know?

In the past, usually, I’ve packaged up, like with Chuck Ragan, Mike Hale, and Josh Small. Also Drag the River and Cory Branan. The last tour was with Digger Barnes. He’s a German guy, and he was Chuck’s bassist for a while. He was originally my bass player in my band Austin Lucas and The Pressmen, my back-up musicians. Then he met Chuck, and he played with us on Bristle Ridge and was on the first several tours. He’s awesome. He’s amazing, and he’s got his own solo stuff. We did a tour together last year.

So who’s playing with you on this upcoming European tour?

I’m just going to bring my back-up band, The Bold Party. We don’t have anybody supporting. It’ll be the first tour I’ve done over there in a long time where I wasn’t packaged up and ensured that the music quality was really good every night. There aren’t a lot of acts over that that play what we play or Americana or alt-country or whatever, so we’ll see. Should be a great time no matter what.

Deep Blues Focus: Mississippi Gabe Carter, The Misery Jackals

Going in to the homestretch with a gentlemen how embraces the sound of the bluesmen from Bentonia, Mississippi, (which was the birthplace of my favorite blues musician, Skip James) and the other Ohio band on Saturday’s ticket. (And if you can listen to Pearlene without wanting to sigh or writhe around on the floor or something to that effect, then… well, you’re clearly not having as much fun as I am.)

Deep Blues Festival, Beachland Ballroom, Saturday, July 16, doors at 4 PM.


Name: Mississippi Gabe Carter
Homebase: Chicago, Illinois
Related artists: Duck Holmes


Mississippi Gabe Carter – Leavin’ – DBF09

Mississippi Gabe Carter @ MySpace

Rick Saunders’ interview with Mississippi Gabe Carter


Name: The Misery Jackals
Homebase: Akron, Ohio
Related artists: The Goddamn Gallows


The Misery Jackals – Trapper Jack

The Misery Jackals Official Website


DBF Alumnus


Pearlene – All Fears (Have Faces) – DBF08

Deep Blues Focus: Ten Foot Polecats, Boom Chick

Deep Blue Focus, part three, and halfway to showtime, folks. Check out Rick Saunders’ DBF11 profile for a little mo’ somethin’.

Deep Blues Festival, Beachland Ballroom, Saturday, July 16, doors at 4 PM.


Name: Ten Foot Polecats
Homebase: Boston, Massachusetts


Ten Foot Polecats – Goin’ Crazy – DBF09

Ten Foot Polecats Official Website


Name: Boom Chick
Homebase: New York, New York


Boom Chick – The Ghost of Bo Diddley

Boom Chick Official Website


DBF Alumnus
Scott H. Biram


Scott H. Biram – Get Me Religion – DBF08

Deep Blues Focus: Scissormen, The Staving Chain, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band

The second installment of our Deep Blues Focus series includes one of two Ohio bands on the bill and a one-woman band who has me pretty jacked up.

Remember: Deep Blues Festival, Beachland Ballroom, Saturday, July 16, doors at 4 PM.


Name: Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Homebase: Kansas City, Missouri
Related artists: Bob Log III, The Reverend Deadeye, The Goddamn Gallows


Molly Gene One Whoaman Band – Bumble Bee

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band Official Website


Name: Scissormen
Homebase: Nashville, Tennessee


Scissormen – Do Wrong Man – DBF08

Scissormen Official Website


Name: The Staving Chain
Homebase: Toledo, Ohio
Related artists: Henry & June, Johnny Walker (Soledad Brothers, Cut in the Hill Gang), Black Diamond Heavies, Mark Porkchop Holder


The Staving Chain – various

The Staving Chain @ Danger Limited Recording Company

The Staving Chain @ Facebook


DBF Alumnus
Patrick Sweany


The Patrick Sweany Band – After Awhile – DBF08

Deep Blues Focus: Left Lane Cruiser, Mark Porkchop Holder, Javier & the Innocent Sons

The Deep Blues Festival, an annual celebration of “outsider blues”, will be reborn this Saturday, July 16, at the Beachland Ballroom in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. The original incarnation of DBF – which featured some NTSIB favorites like Patrick Sweany, the Black Diamond Heavies, Scott H. Biram and T-Model Ford with GravelRoad – saw it’s end with an announcement from founder Chris Johnson in February of 2010. (Check out this interview with Johnson for a brief history of the fest.)

Unwilling to let DBF die, Ted Drozdowski of Scissormen and Jim Chilson of the Ten Foot Polecats took over the name and the spirit – with Chris Johnson’s blessing – and moved the fest from Minnesota to Ohio. And we are freaking excited about it.

In this week leading up to DBF11, we’re going to spotlight a few of this year’s artists each day, along with some DBF alumni.


Name: Left Lane Cruiser
Homebase: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Related artists: The Black Diamond Heavies, James Leg, Scott H. Biram


Left Lane Cruiser – Set Me Down – DBF08

Left Lane Cruiser @ Alive Records

Left Lane Cruiser @ MySpace


Name: Mark Porkchop Holder
Homebase: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Related artists: The Black Diamond Heavies


Mark Porkchop Holder – My Black Name – DBF09

Mark Porkchop Holder @ MySpace


Name: Javier & the Innocent Sons
Homebase: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Javier & the Innocent Sons – Poor Boy Blues

Javier & the Innocent Sons @ MySpace


DBF Alumnus
The Black Diamond Heavies


The Black Diamond Heavies with Mark Porkchop Holder, Andy Jody and U.S. Justin – Nutbush City Limits – DBF09