Boom Chick: Shake Can Well

I’m late in posting about this, but you should know that Boom Chick have a limited edition 7″ vinyl and download available, comprising their songs “Shake Can Well” and “Sweaty Dress” with bonus track “Sharkbite”. I caught these kids at Deep Blues Fest last year, and they were a wonderful surprise. Engaging and hard-rocking, the two-piece draws influence from the blues, obviously, but they also display a big love for early r&b and rock ‘n’ roll, even writing songs about Bo Diddley.

Check out the session they did with Alive & Breathing late last year.


“Shake Can Well”


“Cryin’ Rooster”


The 7″ is available from their Bandcamp site. Check out tour dates, photos, and more at the official Boom Chick website.

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Deep Blues Festival 2011, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, 7.16.11

Thinking about this post and trying to find a way to encapsulate some nine hours of great music and great people leaves me wanting to write “You should have been there” and leave it at that. But that isn’t fair to anyone, especially not the amazing performers who fueled the night.

Each artist who took the stage Saturday brought something special with them, from the endearing charm of Boom Chick (and drummer Moselle Spiller’s brilliant scream) to the explosive energy of Molly Gene to the hypnotic skill of Mississippi Gabe Carter to the dirty magic that occurs when Left Lane Cruiser sits in with Mark Porkchop Holder. Every act was worth keeping an eye on.

Confession: I didn’t keep an eye on every act. In fact, it seems I missed two of the best sets of the night: Ten Foot Polecats and Left Lane Cruiser. Instead, I was carousing in the bar like some sort of scenester. But with an event like DBF, part of the package is meeting and hanging out with great people – the kind of people who don’t roll their eyes or just quietly humor you when you go on and on about blues music (or … Continue reading

Deep Blues Focus: Ten Foot Polecats, Boom Chick

Deep Blue Focus, part three, and halfway to showtime, folks. Check out Rick Saunders’ DBF11 profile for a little mo’ somethin’.

Deep Blues Festival, Beachland Ballroom, Saturday, July 16, doors at 4 PM.


Name: Ten Foot Polecats
Homebase: Boston, Massachusetts


Ten Foot Polecats – Goin’ Crazy – DBF09

Ten Foot Polecats Official Website


Name: Boom Chick
Homebase: New York, New York


Boom Chick – The Ghost of Bo Diddley

Boom Chick Official Website


DBF Alumnus
Scott H. Biram


Scott H. Biram – Get Me Religion – DBF08

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