Scott H. Biram: ‘Til I Hit That Open Road

“In England, last year we were over there, and my friend John from the Black Diamond Heavies – well, you can’t have no pocket knife in England, and we were partyin’, and he was yelling at these old geezers about something or they were yelling at him. They saw he had a pocket knife in his pocket, and they told one of the bobbies outside, and they took him to jail. And we said, ‘Is there anything we can do?’ And they said, ‘No’, and I said, ‘Well… okay!’ And we went back in and started dancing again, and my friend was in jail.

The next morning, he came swaggering up. He said [adopts rough, John Wesley Myers voice], ‘Man, that’s the nicest jail I ever spent the night in. But they took my coon dick bone!’”1

This is the story behind the centerpiece song of Scott H. Biram’s new album Bad Ingredients. Aside from memorializing John Wesley Myers’ confiscated good luck charm, the boogie woogie rockin’ “I Want My Mojo Back” also pays tribute back down the line to Lightnin’ Hopkins and the whole mojo hand tradition.



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Deep Blues Focus: Ten Foot Polecats, Boom Chick

Deep Blue Focus, part three, and halfway to showtime, folks. Check out Rick Saunders’ DBF11 profile for a little mo’ somethin’.

Deep Blues Festival, Beachland Ballroom, Saturday, July 16, doors at 4 PM.


Name: Ten Foot Polecats
Homebase: Boston, Massachusetts


Ten Foot Polecats – Goin’ Crazy – DBF09

Ten Foot Polecats Official Website


Name: Boom Chick
Homebase: New York, New York


Boom Chick – The Ghost of Bo Diddley

Boom Chick Official Website


DBF Alumnus
Scott H. Biram


Scott H. Biram – Get Me Religion – DBF08

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Scott H. Biram at the Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH, 6.24.11

One of these days, I will master the art of showing up to the Grog Shop at Just The Right Time – not too early, not too late. This past Friday was not that day. I missed all of Heelsplitter and caught one and half songs from the Not So Good Ol’ Boys. I can tell you that the audience was into NSGOB. And it was good to see that much long hair on dudes on a rock stage in Cleveland without any spandex in the vicinity.



Witnessing a Scott H. Biram show might lead you to believe the phrase “Texas tornado” was invented for him. Biram even comes with his own siren, by way of the megaphone he keeps in his instrument arsenal. Offstage, Biram appears calm, unassuming… sweet, even. But once he sits down in the midst of the aforementioned instrument arsenal – which includes a few vintage hollow-body electric guitars, one angular solid-body electric, harmonicas, guitar pedals, stompbox and a pair of tambourines set on the edge of an equipment case to pick up the beat of the stompbox – and straps himself in, it’s as if something snaps inside him, … Continue reading

Scott H. Biram in Cleveland

Scott H. Biram is coming to the Grog Shop this Friday, June 24, and I am freaking excited. Even though it took me a while to sit down and listen to a Biram album, I knew from the first moment I heard of him that he was my kind of guy. A tattooed, foulmouthed, drankin’ Texan who amps up a mix of country, blues and punk and survived a collision with an 18-wheeler only to get back on stage a month later. (And that accident wasn’t any damn love tap, either.)

And his music?




Tickets are $8 advance, $10 the day of the show. Grog Shop doors open at 8 PM. Heelsplitter and Not So Good Ol’ Boys open.

And as much as I hate to wish ill on a hardworking musician, I’m kind of hoping Biram breaks a string Friday night so I can catch something like this in person.


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