Feel Bad For You, February 2012


The Feel Bad for You February mix is 25 songs worth of badass designed especially for YOU! (The universal you, not you specifically. Get over yourself.) If you’ve never downloaded an FBFY mix before, lovingly crafted by music lovers, music makers and music enablers (for more information about your generous contributors, check the FBFY site), this is the one to start your habit. First hit’s free.





1. Title: Weight of the World
Artist: Shayfer James
Album (year): Counterfeit Arcade (2011)
Submitted By: Popa2unes
Comments: Shayfer James is devilishly captivating and deliciously unusual. A man of bewitching grace, grisly humor, profound story telling, and whiskey-flavored wit.

2. Title: Don’t Lie to Me
Artist: “Mississippi” Charles Bevel
Album (year): Charles Bevel – Meet “Mississippi” Charles Bevel (A&M Records SP-4412, 1973)
Submitted By: Simon
Comments: First heard this track on an Oxford American Music edition CD a couple of years ago and loved it, always gets me up and dancing around. I’ve managed to track down a dinked 7” single but still looking for the album…….

3.Title: Unmade
Artist: Timothy Bracken
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The Parlor Soldiers: Now I Wrestle Every Rhyme


“You’re a little bi-polar,” he tells her, “and you get on my ass about drinking my liquor and smoking too much grass.”

She parries. “You know, you’re no Johnny Cash.”

“Woman, what’d you say?”

“I said, you ain’t the Man in Black, and I won’t be treated this way.”

But there is a wry, knowing edge in each of their voices that melts into affection by the end of their argument.


Crazy by The Parlor Soldiers


This argument is the third track, “Crazy”, from the Parlor Soldiers’ album When the Dust Settles, and showcases the essence of what makes their songs really work (and if you click up there, you can download “Crazy” for free). Backed by simple, slim but solid Americana-based arrangements, they are playful without coming off as if they are trying to hard to show how clever they are, and they are real without being precious. And their voices are so handsome that you want to date them both.

Forming in Fredericksburg, Virginia, after Alex Culbreth asked Karen Jonas to sing at some gigs with him, the two, each who had already established themselves as solo artists, added upright bass (played … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, December 2011


With my lack of posting lately, it’s hardly my place to give anyone else shit, but now that Truersound Matt has finally gotten off his ass, I can present you with this month’s FBFY mix, compiled by bloggers, tweeters, music makers and music lovers and powered by love. And hate. And liberal doses of alcohol and caffeine. And possibly narcotics. And electricity. Stream or download below.




Title: This Ship Was Built To Last
Artist: The Duke Spirit
Album: Neptune
Year: 2008
Submitted By: Shooter
Comments: Why don’t you go over there and blow me and come back over here and fuck you

Title: The Stranger Song
Artist: Leonard Cohen
Album: Songs of Leonard Cohen
Year: 1968
Submitted By: Adam Sheets

Title: Quarter Chicken Dark
Artist: Yo Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan
Album: The Goat Rodeo Sessions
Year: 2011
Submitted By: Phil Norman – @philnorman
Comments: You should need no comment after seeing the names of the four masters making this music.

Title: Solitary Man
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JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound in Cleveland TONIGHT!


CLE, who of you will be out at the Beachland booty-shakin’ with me tonight? JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound will be working out their soul thang in the Tavern.



You can download an mp3 of the above song from Rolling Stone.

Then get yourself to the Beachland and say hey. As always, I welcome you to buy your favorite blogger a drink.

Thu, Dec 1 | 8:30 PM (8 PM door)
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
Aphrodite’s Hero
DJ Charles McGaw
Tavern | All Ages

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James Leg is Coming to Cleveland (and Other Cities, Too)


Solitary Pleasure is ingrained with James Leg’s extensive knowledge of the rock and roll canon and the album displays his passion and originality to full effect. Granted, Leg’s gargled-with-goat vocal style could be an acquired taste, but it’s also a quality instrument that, like his keyboard work, will prove powerful, yet supple and dextrous over the course of the album. Imagine Tom Waits doing Bobby “Blue” Bland covers.

“Long live rock and soul and pianos and devil horns.”

If you’ve been reading NTSIB for a while, you know that I freaking love James Leg (a.k.a. John Wesley Myers of the Black Diamond Heavies) and that his album, Solitary Pleasure, is probably my favorite album of 2011. If not, here’s a little memory refresher.

I already have two James Leg shows under my belt this year, and I’m excited for a third. Sitting down at the keys, Leg generates more energy on stage than most of his more mobile counterparts, leg flailing to the beat and hair flying in his face as he pushes his foghorn howl through the microphone to blast you out and … Continue reading

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound: If Life Was Easy As a Song


JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound release their Bloodshot Records debut, Want More, today and it is a fine, fine soul album that feels and breathes and dances with a deep shimmy, not playing out as a lifeless set-piece as can easily happen when a modern band takes up a sound closely associated with an earlier era. Lyrically, it’s a relatable album that speaks in real terms instead of heart-shaped metaphors. Musically, it’s a straight-up rump-shaker of rich grooves that just seems to grow richer with each listen. And, personally, I was singing along within two or three spins of the album.

JC was kind enough to answer a few questions for us…



When and why did you start singing? How did the Uptown Sound come together?

Because my mom was always singing, I started singing around the house as a toddler. I did Chorus in elementary and middle school, and formed my first band in high school. JCBUS came together because Ben, our bassist, and I answered an ad put out by Billy, our guitarist, who was looking to make aggressive dance music.


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Giveaway: The Dead Exs


Regular readers of our blog will recognize the Dead Exs from previous posts by my co-blogger Jennifer and our friend @Popa2unes. Jennifer has described their sound as “a delicious blues-funk stew lightly seasoned with garage-rock flair”, and their dirty, fuzzed-up grooves fit in well here.

Now Popa has generously donated a signed copy of the Dead Exs’ CD Resurrection for one of you lucky people to own. All you need to do is drop a comment below that includes your name or preferred internet handle and a reliable e-mail address and then wait patiently. The giveaway will close on October 24 at 5 PM EST, and the winner will be chosen at random and announced on October 25.

And while you’re here, you can download the song “More Stuff” by right-clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

The Dead Exs – More Stuff




The Dead Exs Official Website

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Old Gray Mule: A Day in MS, a Night in TX


This year’s Deep Blues Festival, my first, was full of highlights both music and personal. One of those highlights was seeing Old Gray Mule play, partially because of their musical prowess and service to the groove and partially because watching C.R. Humphrey and C.W. Ayon joke around like a couple of schoolboys on the verge of a giggle fit is so damned enjoyable.

It is great to hear that slightly mischievous, good-time atmosphere brought to OGM’s new release A Day in Mississippi, A Night in Texas. “Alright, this song’s got cussing in it,” Humphrey announces as OGM kicks off a live set, recorded this past July at the 2nd annual Junior Kimbrough Birthday Party in Austin, Texas. After a little more joshing around, OGM ease into their gritty take on “Stagger Lee”, showing not only that service to the groove but also showcasing Ayon’s sharp vocal attitude as he relays the fateful story. Ayon is a good match for Humphrey, who has played with a few different drummers under the Old Gray Mule handle. The swagger of Ayon’s vocals reflect the cool assurance of Humprhey’s guitar playing as Ayon also backs up on … Continue reading

Lydia Loveless: Being Good is Killing Me Inside


You’re sitting in a dive bar, looking up into the neon beer signs. It’s one of those joints half full of the lonely and the tired and a few troublemakers. You overhear someone talking from a few bar stools down, a woman telling a stranger her story. While you don’t normally eavesdrop, she keeps saying things that sound like they could have come from your own mouth. Things to do with too many empty bottles littering the floor, things to do with a certain moral ambivalence and an ease with that ambivalence, things to do with isolation and fear. All these things delivered in a voice of world-weary defiance.

You turn to look down the bar and see the speaker of your truths. There you find a small, pale girl who can’t be more than 23. What the hell?

This is Lydia Loveless, a 21-year-old native of Columbus, Ohio, who plays her songs of late nights at the bar and next-day regrets – or a lack of regret – while planting one foot firmly in country and the other foot firmly in rock. Her new album Indestructible Machine is out today on Bloodshot Records. Listen to … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, September 2011


Time for the September installment of the Feel Bad For You mix, lovingly compiled by a miscreant bunch of music makers, music pushers and music lovers. Free for you to stream or download, out of the kindness of our little, black hearts.





Title: Astronomy
Artist: Blue Oyster Cult
Album: Secret Treaties (1974)
Submitted by: Shooter Jennings
Comments: Part of one of the most expansive and confusing concept albums ever written which involves Aliens, Dark Mirrors and Lesbians (supposedly)

Title: Stick With Me
Artist: Nicki Bluhm
Album: Driftwood (2011)
Submitted by: noteethleroy
Comments: This one has gotten under my skin lately, to me it brings back memories of the classic duets I grew up on.

Title: Red on the Head
Artist: Jonny Corndawg
Album: Down On The Bikini Line (2011)
Submitted by: toomuchcountry
Comments: As the calendar turns to September, what comes to mind? State fairs. And with state fairs, what comes to mind? Corn dogs, right? Well, maybe. I first heard Jonny Corndawg in 2009 when he opened for the legendary Billy Joe … Continue reading