Give Away: One Paramore Tote Bag

The bag is surplus to my requirements and I thought it should go and live with someone who will appreciate it. Comment here or on Facebook or tweet the link (ONCE, no points for multiple tweets!) with what you’ll be keeping in the bag if you win and I’ll pick a winner next Saturday.

nb: I don’t smoke but I do have cats, but it’s freshly washed; and I’ll ship it anywhere the US Postal service goes.

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Liars: Cleveland Giveaway

photo credit: Zen Sekizawa


Liars’ Angus Andrew has said, “If we aren’t confusing people, it’s not us. If we aren’t confusing ourselves with what we do, then we’ve failed.” WIXIW (pronounced “wish you”), the new album from Liars, rounds off the sharper edges of their sound and throws a thick blanket of texture over it. That’s not to say they have ditched chaos and gone straight. But instead of bursts of jagged drum, guitar and screams, the chaos is created by layers of found sound (as I listen to the album now, I can hear two or three species of frog chirping and peeping along with hardwood thwacks in a digitized echo chamber and some sort of animal/human cries of panic – that’s what it sounds like to me, at least). The result is a cloud that is soothing and entrancing at times, claustrophobic at others.


“No. 1 Against the Rush” – Liars


Liars will be bringing this cloud, and more from their 12 years worth of back catalogue, to the Grog Shop in Cleveland on July 27, with Unknown Mortal Orchestra playing support. We have the pleasure of giving … Continue reading

Giveaway: For the Love of the Music: The Club 47 Folk Revival


Much is said about the ’60s folk revival in terms of New York City and San Francisco, but the Boston-area scene, centering in Cambridge, is generally passed over. Enter this documentary, For the Love of the Music: The Club 47 Folk Revival. With current interviews and archival sights and sounds, the documentary traces the life of Club 47, which later became Club Passim, beginning with the fateful day that an unknown named Joan Baez auditioned for the once-jazz club, resetting the whole direction of the venue.

The documentary, which includes not only interviews with such performers as Baez, Judy Collins, Maria Muldaur, Taj Mahal, and more, but also two previously-unreleased Bob Dylan performances at the club, will screen at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland on May 20 as part of the Ohio Independent Film Festival. Director Rob Stegman and executive producer/co-director Todd Kwait (who is a Cleveland-based lawyer and owner of Ezzie Films and Kingswood Records) will be on hand to introduce the film and take part in a Q & A session afterward.

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Someone’s wall is about to get much more badass…


Two years? Fucking two years? How did that happen?

Now This Sound Is Brave is two years old today. And year two was even more exhilirating, life-affecting and life-affirming than the first year. We have heard so much great music, seen so many righteous shows, talked to so many cool people and made some amazing friends. I could be here all day listing people who deserve our thanks, like the bands who share their work and sometimes their friendship with us, the good people who run and staff the venues where we see shows, the other blogs who have given us encouragement, the CXCW crew… There’s a whole damn lot of people, is what I’m saying.

But I do want to give individual thanks to four special individuals. First, to NTSIB’s beneficiary, the person who provided the idea in the first place, provides the access and provides the equipment that helps me keep this thing going, Duane. Next, to my intrepid co-blogger who gets giddy with me, makes me laugh and has more than pulled her weight lately, Jennifer. Then, to my wonderful friend, confidante, mentor and so many other things besides, … Continue reading

Anniversary Giveaway: The Black Keys


How badass is that poster? So badass that, in my excitement to obtain it, I managed to acquire two of them.

So, here’s the deal: Now This Sound Is Brave will celebrate two years of existence a week from today. To celebrate this thing we do with the music and the writing and the writing about music (and writing about writing about music), we’re going to give a gift to you. Well, to one of you. But you have to earn it.

In order to own your own beautiful, 3-color, 18″x24″ lithograph poster (and it is even more striking in person) created by Jeff Proctor for the Black Keys’ December 11, 2010, show at the Rimac Arena in San Diego, California, you’ll have to tell us about an important music moment in your life. Be it funny or touching or something that will make us all want to slash our wrists, whether it involves playing music, listening to music or meeting a music hero, as long as it was important, influential and memorable to you, we want to read about it.

The sharer of the best music moment, judged by … Continue reading

Giveaway: The Dead Exs


Regular readers of our blog will recognize the Dead Exs from previous posts by my co-blogger Jennifer and our friend @Popa2unes. Jennifer has described their sound as “a delicious blues-funk stew lightly seasoned with garage-rock flair”, and their dirty, fuzzed-up grooves fit in well here.

Now Popa has generously donated a signed copy of the Dead Exs’ CD Resurrection for one of you lucky people to own. All you need to do is drop a comment below that includes your name or preferred internet handle and a reliable e-mail address and then wait patiently. The giveaway will close on October 24 at 5 PM EST, and the winner will be chosen at random and announced on October 25.

And while you’re here, you can download the song “More Stuff” by right-clicking on the link below. Enjoy!

The Dead Exs – More Stuff




The Dead Exs Official Website

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V-Roys Giveaway: Winner!

First off, I swear on all my grandparents’ graves, plus the graves of Joe Strummer and Mark Sandman, that this wasn’t fixed. I put the names in a jar, and the NTSIB intern/helper monkey/my son picked a name at random. I repeat, at random.

So, as you’ve likely already figured out if you looked at the comments on the original giveaway post, the winner of the signed copy of the V-Roys lovely compilation album Sooner or Later is popa2unes. Congratulations, popa, and thanks to Jason and Ben for participating.

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Giveaway: The V-Roys

The V-Roys – Scott Miller, Mic Harrison, Paxton Sellers and Jeff Bills – only released two studio albums (and one live album), but they garnered much acclaim and some very enthusiastic fans in their short lifespan. On September 27, Sooner or Later, an 18-track V-Roys compilation, drops. It’s a nice primer for new listeners and includes 5 previously-unreleased tracks to please old fans (my favorites are the V-Roys’ take on Lieber and Stoller’s “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” and an original called “Someone to Push Around”).

Like the sounds of that? How do you like the sound of winning a sexy signed copy of the CD? Just drop your name (and don’t forget an e-mail address where you can be reached) in the virtual bucket (i.e., the comments section of this post) by September 26 at 5 PM EST for your chance to get you some. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on September 27.

(Note: Despite what’s going on between popa2unes and “HAL” in comments, ballot-box stuffing and flirting with the blog owner will not increase your chances of winning.)



The V-Roys Official Website

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