Feel Bad for You, June 2015

Feel Bad for You, June 2015

Fine, so it’s nearly July, but this summer-themed mix by the FBFY bedraggled crew of music lovers will be good for a couple of months yet. Drunken comments are encouraged. “Feel Bad for June! Just in time for the first New England heat wave of 2015, and my bum is sticking to my vinyl chair. Ahhh summer! Long hot days, warm breezy nights. Sitting in your overly air conditioned office all day, wishing you were at the lake. Being an adult sucks. Thanks to our main man Phil for the killer artwork!” Download 1. “It Must Be Summer” Fountains of Wayne Utopia Parkway (1999) Submitted By: @philnorman Comments: It must be summer, because I’m falling apart. 2. “This Summer” The Royal Sea The Royal Sea (2011) Submitted By: The Mad Mackerel Comments: The Royal Sea’s album was a particular favourite for us in 2011, although never seemed to get the acclaim we thought it deserved. A beguiling mix of surf rock, garage and indie pop, lead track This Summer opens with a spectacularly catchy drum beat before the vocals of Timmy Sunshine come in like a rush of sugar coated adrenalin, plaintively announcing: We crashed everybody’s parties, we drank cheap … Continue reading

Feel Bad for You, March 2013: CXCW Edition

CXCW (Couch by Couchwest) is on! It’s been great fun so far. If you missed the first day, don’t worry: unlike at other festivals, you can always catch performances later (and even previous years’ performances) at the website. For added fun, be sure to join in the chatter on Twitter by following @couchxcouchwest and the #CXCW hashtag. “This month we celebrate Couch By Couchwest (http://couchbycouchwest.com/). That’s the alternative music festival that can be enjoyed from the confines of your own home, on your very own luxurious couch! Who needs SxSW? You’ve gotta take time off from work and deal with crowds and drunkards. I don’t know about you, but I’m too broke and lazy to go to the trouble of heading to Austin. Criminy, you can be your own crowd and revel in your own drunkeness! Thanks to AnnieTUFF (@AnnieTUFF) for this month’s artwork. Grab a beer, a shot or… some herb if you live in Colorado or Washington (like me!), kick back and listen to some tunes. Oh! And leave some comments!” Download 1. Title: Aluga-se-Vende Artist: Móveis Coloniais de Acaju (translates as “colonial mahogany wood-made furniture”) Album (year): Idem [2005] Submitted By: hoosier buddy Comments: In the song, … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, February 2013

A new FBFY mix is live, and I’d personally like to thank our FBFY commander-in-chief for not choosing a Valentine theme this month. “…and we’re back! I considered and then threw out a number of ideas for different themes and went with goulash (def: an eclectic and uncoordinated mixture of something). What a mixture we’ve got! We are spanning quite a few genres and yet it works! Thanks to Matt (@truersound) for this month’s artwork.” Download Title: Cleaning Out My Closet (Eminem cover) Artist: Angel Haze Album: Classick (2012) Submitted By: @tincanman2010 (http://tincanland.wordpress.com/) Comments: NSFW! wtf, rap on FBFY? Yeah, deal with it bitches. Eminem broke through rap’s colour barrier and Haze threatens to shatter it’s gender ceiling, so a cover seems appropriate. Similar styles, too   Title: 1965 (Duas Tribos) Artist: Legião Urbana Album (year): As Quatro Estações [2007] Submitted By: hoosier buddy Comments: First, thanks go out to my last.fm friend Vitória for turning me on to this album. This song reminds me a little of The Refreshments circa 1996 – and also reminds me walking barefoot on hot beach sand, driving too fast in cars with bench seats, the big knobs on Silvertone guitar amps, Sandy Nelson … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, January 2013

  New FBFY for you all! “It’s a New Year! It’s a new curator (@BoogieStudio22)! It’s a new mixtape! We are starting afresh, in 2013, by looking back on 2012. Our motley crew of malcontent, miscreant, ne’er-do-well music lovers have chosen their favorite songs, their “Choice Cuts”, of 2012. Crank up the volume and check out 20 cuts from a variety of artists and genres.” Download 1. Title: All Over You Artist: Dead Exs Album (year): Resurrection (2012) Submitted By: tincanman (http://tincanland.wordpress.com) Comments: Rock and roll doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it rarely should. Guitars. Attitude. Mud (see song video: http://bit.ly/Wcnsod). The Dead Exs (http://thedeadexs.com) are my favourite new band of 2012; what the Black Keys would be if Dan Auerbach didn’t have his head so far up his own ass. 2. Title: I Gotta Get Shorty Out of Jail Artist: Andre Williams & The Sadies Album (2012): Night and Day Submitted By: @popa2unes Comments: Canada’s soul singer/cult legend Andre Williams with The Sadies’ Jon Langford, long-time line-up of Dallas Good on guitars and keys, his brother Travis Good on guitars and fiddle, Mike Belitsky on drums, and the mighty Sean Dean on the bass, Matt Verta-Ray of … Continue reading

Feel Bad for You, December 2012

  Time again for the groovin’ internet sensation that all the hip kiddies are talking about, the Feel Bad for You mixtape! “Hello my little red-nosed reindeers! It’s the last Feel Bad for You mixtape of 2012! And good riddance 2012, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Please welcome The Mad Mackerel from Charlbury, England, as our newest contributor! (FYI: If you accidentally Google “The Mackerel” instead of “The Mad Mackerel,” the top hit is a disturbing Picasso painting.) Thanks to TooMuchCountry for the artwork. Although, after tonight’s game, maybe we should Feel Bad For the Texans.” Download 1. Title: The Money Goes Artist: The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Album (year): Between The Ditches (2012) Submitted By: hoosier buddy Comments: I saw this band at the 8×10 in Baltimore. It was a transformative experience, standing in the middle of a crowd of screaming, stomping, whiskey-fueled, wild-eyed music fans. The Reverend, who hails from Brown County, IN, could teach Jack White a few things about playing guitar…and about performing. I’m completely serious. Catch ‘em if you can. 2. Title: Molotovs Artist: Dorado Album (year): Anger, Hunger, Love And The Fear Of Death … Continue reading

Feel Bad for You, November 2012

  It’s that time again, kids. The Feel Bad for You mix for November is live! “Hidely-ho neighbors! We’ve back, and feeling bad for November. Your favorite bloggers, twitters, hurricane survivors, pinko commie liberals, and conspiracy theorist wingnuts present this month’s mix. Thanks to Hoosier Buddy for the artwork – he took the photo while standing in the ocean near La Jolla, California. Feel bad for those of us standing in snow (or worse).” Download 1. Title: Done Got Old Artist: Heartless Bastards Album: Stairs and Elevators (2005) Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz Comment: I just turned 40. This is my new theme song. 2. Title: Outrageous Artist: Paul Simon Album: Surprise (2006) Submitted By: @philnorman Comments: It’s outrageous a man like me can stand here and complain. 3. Title: Sadie Artist: Hound Dog Taylor Album: Natural Boogie (1974) Submitted By: Truersound Comments: just three guys laying the groove down, no big deal 4. Title: A Horse Called Music Artist: Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard Album: Heroes (2012) Submitted By: Gorrck Comments: The original of this song is almost too clean and pure beauty. This has some rough edges but retains the beauty of the song. 5. Title: Beat Surrender Artist: … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, October 2012

It’s Fifty Shades of Come Make Fun of Us for What We Listen to When No One Is Looking for FBFY this month. I tried to save a little face with my entry. “Embarrassed by some of the music that you love? October is for you! Honestly, I was expecting more bad country music submissions for this month, but we got a nice variety. And by nice I mean embarrassing. Your favorite bloggers, twitters, self-important a-holes on the internet, and other jokesters present 50 Shades of Feel Bad for You: Guilty Pleasures Edition. Thanks to @philnorman for the killer cover art.”   Download   1. Title: Killer Whale Artist: Underground Resistance Album (year): 1992 Submitted By: Slowcoustic Comments: I don’t want to say this is a “guilty pleasure” as much as it is a genre that most folks are surprised that I really really love (once and awhile). Early Detroit Techno. The “techno” today tends to be a bit too shiny for me and I am just too far removed from any sort of scene now to get the good stuff I guess. So, like every other aging dude who used to like metal or techno while growing up – … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, September 2012

  I don’t have a horse in this race this month, but I can’t deprive you all of the goodness that is FBFY just because I blanked on a contribution. “Feel bad for September? No way! It’s football and chili season! First, thanks to AnnieTUFF for the cover art. Second, for the first time in the history of FBFY mixtapes (I think) two people submitted the same track (see #7). Third, notice how loaded TinCanMan was when he submitted his track (# 14). That’s what I like to see! Let’s get some drunken commentary on this mix, pronto!” Download 1. Title: Young Blood Artist: Black Pistol Fire Album: Big Beat ’59 (2012) Submitted By: @mikeorren Comments: Saw these guys open for The Scabs in Austin a couple months back and thought they were great. Songmanship takes a jump in their new album– first time I heard this, I swore it was an old favorite. 2. Title: Everybody’s Devil Artist: Some Dark Holler Album: Hollow Chest (2012) Submitted by: Corey Flegel – This Is American Music 3. Title: One Time Thing Artist: Michael Chapman Album: Rainmaker (1969) Submitted By: Truersound Comments: Had the joy of meeting the man and seeing him … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, August 2012

  It’s one of those times when the FBFY coordinators have decided to suspend the usual laissez faire operation of our monthly mix party and ask the unruly horde to attempt to coordinate around a theme, vis: “‘Rock and roll is all about sticking it to the man!’ – Someone The dogs days of summer are only made worse by sitting in your cubicle and slaving away for THE MAN! At least that’s how I came up with the theme for the August Feel Bad For You Mixtape. Though THE MAN could be your boss, the government, whitey, your woman, Nashville record executives, your landlord, etc. I told the contributors to be creative with this one.”   Sidenote: @rockstar_aimz and @Truersound took to the Twitter waves last week to live tweet their reactions to the mix, tagging their tweets with “#fbfy”. In one of those quirks of the internet age, the hash tag grew tentacles, and, for one confounding, ridiculous night, #fbfy topped the list of Twitter trending topics (predictably, about 30% of those trending tweets were along the lines of “WTF is #fbfy?”). Here’s the visual evidence.       Download   1. Title: Corporate Slave Artist: Snog Album … Continue reading

Feel Bad For You, July 2012

  The new phonebook’s here! The new phonebook’s here! What’s that you say? No one uses phonebooks anymore, yet the things keep piling up on your doorstep every year? Well, how about something you can use that takes up absolutely no space on your doorstep. The new FBFY mix is here! The new FBFY mix is here! Contributed to by your friendly internet-neighborhood bloggers, musicians, tweeters, etc., and brought to you by the good people at Feel Bad For You, it is, as always, an eclectic mix.     Download   1. Title: The Crease Artist: Arliss Nancy Album (year): Simple Machines (2012) Submitted By: Captainsdead Comments: great rock record, nothing more, nothing less 2. Title: I Love Lucy Artist: The Producers Album (year): The Producers/You Make The Heat (2000, CD Reissue of the band’s first two albums) Submitted By: BoogieStudio22 Comments: I make no apologies for my love of all things ‘power pop’. The Producers put out a couple of albums in the early 80s and seemed to fly under the radar of most people, which is too bad because these guys crafted some great songs. 3. Title: Travel On Artist: Neil Young and Crazy Horse Album (year): Americana … Continue reading