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Record Club: Kick

Remember when Beck’s Record Club – Annie Clark and Vincent Hart from St. Vincent, Sergio Dias from Os Mutantes, Liars, etc. – got together to cover INXS’s Kick album in its entirety? Here’s video of all the songs from the session.

It doesn’t all work, but then, not all of the original album worked, either. And the Record Club definitely did interesting things. The final track is completely unrecognizable as an INXS song outside of the lyrics, and it’s rather compelling.


Liars: Cleveland Giveaway

photo credit: Zen Sekizawa


Liars’ Angus Andrew has said, “If we aren’t confusing people, it’s not us. If we aren’t confusing ourselves with what we do, then we’ve failed.” WIXIW (pronounced “wish you”), the new album from Liars, rounds off the sharper edges of their sound and throws a thick blanket of texture over it. That’s not to say they have ditched chaos and gone straight. But instead of bursts of jagged drum, guitar and screams, the chaos is created by layers of found sound (as I listen to the album now, I can hear two or three species of frog chirping and peeping along with hardwood thwacks in a digitized echo chamber and some sort of animal/human cries of panic – that’s what it sounds like to me, at least). The result is a cloud that is soothing and entrancing at times, claustrophobic at others.


“No. 1 Against the Rush” – Liars


Liars will be bringing this cloud, and more from their 12 years worth of back catalogue, to the Grog Shop in Cleveland on July 27, with Unknown Mortal Orchestra playing support. We have the pleasure of giving away two prize packs, each consisting of two free passes to the July 27 show and a signed Liars poster. To enter, just leave a comment below, with a valid e-mail address (so we can contact you for further information if you win). Two winners will be chosen at random on July 25. Good luck!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Friday, July 27
9 p.m. (doors 8 p.m.)
Grog Shop


Liars Official Website

Liars @ Tumblr

Liars @ Facebook


Liars: No. 1 Against the Rush


I was introduced to Liars via 2010’s Sisterworld album, and it was one of those experiences that made me ask, “Damn, how am I just hearing about this band now?” Their sound, ranging from moody, off-kilter grooves to straight-up screaming punk blasts, littered liberally with striking and jagged imagery, really caught me. (Even my son, who normally doesn’t listen to anything not connected to video games, would make me play “Scissor” repeatedly on the morning drive to school – hell of a way to start a day of education.)

Liars are preparing to release their next album WIXIW (wish you) on June 5th. Check out the disturbing video for lead single “No. 1 Against the Rush”.



WIXIW Pre-Order

Liars Official Website

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Bits: The Flaming Lips, The Due Diligence, A Place to Bury Strangers, Liars, The Like, Gin Blossoms

  • Pitchfork is featuring a doc on the making of the Flaming Lips’ Embryonic, and since the week is almost over, you’d better get over there.
  • Hooray for the Due Diligence! Isaac Gillespie and company surpassed their Kickstarter goal, so I Will Wreck Your Life will get a vinyl pressing, and the album is streaming at their Bandcamp site.
  • “But what I really want to do is direct…” A Place to Bury Strangers are holding a contest for aspiring music video directors. Create a video for APtBS’ song “Deadbeat” and upload it to the Deadbeat contest YouTube channel for a chance to win a signed boxset, 4 tickets to an APtBS show of your choice and have your video posted to all APtBS websites with credit as the official video.
  • Additionally, do yourself a favor and see A Place to Bury Strangers live:

    9/30 – Nashville, TN – Next Big Nashville Festival at Exit In with Yeasayer, Waaves, & Javelin

    10/1 – Durham, NC – Duke Coffeehouse

    10/2 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter with Ceremony & Soundpool (Killer Pimp Night)

    10/3 – New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge with Chapterhouse, Soundpool & Ulrich Schnauss

    10/15 – Minneapolis, MN – Whole Music Club at University of Minnesota

    10/26 – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio with Japandroids

    10/30 – West Palm Beach, FL – Respectable Street

    11/3 – New York, NY – Billboard Showcase at Gramercy

    11/11 – Monterrey, Mexico – Escenica

    11/13 – Mexico City, Mexico – Festival Sonorama

    Leave your pansy earplugs at home.

  • This could be worth wading into the murky depths of iTunes: Liars have released a live EP of their May 27 Shepherd’s Bush gig, cleverly entitled Live at Shepherds Bush Empire, exclusively through iTunes.


    1. Scissor

    2. Proud Evolution

    3. The Overachievers

    4. Clear Island

    5. A Visit from Drum

  • I finally watched We Jam Econo: the Story of the Minutemen last night! This is not news. It’s just an excuse to post this video:


Jennifer adds:

  • The Like are on a U.S. west coast tour now-right-now.
  • The Gin Blossoms’ new album No Chocolate Cake is streaming on AOL Music.

Liars: Her Sounds Were Close to Paradise

Right around 2001, I lost touch with the music scene. I still listened to music daily, and a few new bands got through, but my favorite bands had broken up (The Afghan Whigs, Shudder to Think) or had key members die off (Mark Sandman) and life was overtaking me in a big, uncomfortable way, so I grew increasingly distanced from new music throughout most of the first decade of the 2000s. It was a long time to be away from a world where hundreds of beings (bands/solo artists) are born and die every day. A lot of things happened in that time. Liars happened.

When I heard the Liars for the first time a few months ago with “Scissor”, the first song from Sisterworld, I began the process of mentally kicking myself for not knowing about this three-piece before. As is the way with any band who are a little bit interesting these days, Liars have had numerous genres appended to them or created for them, most having words like “art”, “noise” or “experimental” in them. To me, they sound like good punk. Really good punk. The kind made by smart, but angry people who have an interest in moving beyond three chords and lots of screaming.

Don’t worry: there’s still plenty of screaming.

On October 19, Liars will release an EP for their single “Proud Evolution”, which will include a Thom Yorke remix and a live recording of the song, along with three new B-sides: “Come Now”, “Total Frown” and “Strangers”. Beginning September 29, they’ll play a four-date Canadian tour, playing Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Hamilton.

Liars Official Website

Liars Daytrotter Session

Liars’ full set from La Route du Rock

Noisemakers: Liars (interview and performance)