Markers: 2 Years

Today is the second anniversary of me being part of this music blogging adventure, so: thanks, y’all, once again, for joining us, whether it’s once or all the time. Have some pretty spring flowers as an expression of my appreciation:

I’m also declaring today Lurker Amnesty Day. Drop me a comment or an an email and say hi, y’all. Share a song or a video, ask a question, or just wave shyly, it’s all good.

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Happy 2nd Birthday, NTSIB

Technically my second anniversary of starting to write here is a couple of months from now, but I’m chiming in to say: Happy Birthday, little blog! And also congratulations, Jessica H.! I hope you didn’t get too squashed in that Panic! pit – I totally read your story and nodded in rueful recognition, because, well, yes, that’s a Panic! show in a nutshell. (Well, maybe not the fistfights.)

And the thing is: that’s kind of why I love them. Because that pit is a hot sweaty shrieking mess, but they are shrieking with joy. And there’s nothing else like the moment when the house lights go down, the stage lights come up, they step into their places, the first notes ring out, and the pit goes off like a rocket. The screaming makes me wince, too, but it also makes me grin, and probably scream along with them.

But the best part is really afterwards, when I find all of my girls and we wobble, laughing, into the night, to find food and rehydrate and recap for each other the experience we just shared and text people who weren’t there so they can also be brought up to … Continue reading

Someone’s wall is about to get much more badass…


Two years? Fucking two years? How did that happen?

Now This Sound Is Brave is two years old today. And year two was even more exhilirating, life-affecting and life-affirming than the first year. We have heard so much great music, seen so many righteous shows, talked to so many cool people and made some amazing friends. I could be here all day listing people who deserve our thanks, like the bands who share their work and sometimes their friendship with us, the good people who run and staff the venues where we see shows, the other blogs who have given us encouragement, the CXCW crew… There’s a whole damn lot of people, is what I’m saying.

But I do want to give individual thanks to four special individuals. First, to NTSIB’s beneficiary, the person who provided the idea in the first place, provides the access and provides the equipment that helps me keep this thing going, Duane. Next, to my intrepid co-blogger who gets giddy with me, makes me laugh and has more than pulled her weight lately, Jennifer. Then, to my wonderful friend, confidante, mentor and so many other things … Continue reading

Anniversary Giveaway: The Black Keys


How badass is that poster? So badass that, in my excitement to obtain it, I managed to acquire two of them.

So, here’s the deal: Now This Sound Is Brave will celebrate two years of existence a week from today. To celebrate this thing we do with the music and the writing and the writing about music (and writing about writing about music), we’re going to give a gift to you. Well, to one of you. But you have to earn it.

In order to own your own beautiful, 3-color, 18″x24″ lithograph poster (and it is even more striking in person) created by Jeff Proctor for the Black Keys’ December 11, 2010, show at the Rimac Arena in San Diego, California, you’ll have to tell us about an important music moment in your life. Be it funny or touching or something that will make us all want to slash our wrists, whether it involves playing music, listening to music or meeting a music hero, as long as it was important, influential and memorable to you, we want to read about it.

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Markers: 1 Year

Hello NTSIBbers,

Today is my one year anniversary of writing for this blog. Thank you, April, for inviting me to the party and being a fabulous co-blogger, and thank you, NTSIBbers, for reading and commenting and making music and generally being wonderful people.

Also, I figured I should introduce myself, since I didn’t bother with that a year ago. (Whoops!) Hi! I’m Jennifer, and when it comes to music I’m a bit of a magpie. I like things that glitter and shine. I deeply appreciate people who, to paraphrase Brandon Flowers, wear their sequins unironically. I enjoy big drums and dirty bass lines, geeks, novelty songs, and novelty songs about geeks. I also enjoy the roar of the big machine, and my favorite part of  nearly any show is when the circle bells out and the center starts to spin.

Mostly what you’ve seen from me so far has been concert photography, and there will be more of that to come. I also have some half-formed ideas/nefarious plans regarding other topics (hint: I have A Lot … Continue reading

The First Year: NTSIB Turns 1

Line up the shot glasses and lock up the animals and children: it’s time to celebrate Now This Sound Is Brave’s 1-year anniversary.

It’s been a thrilling year, and it looks like the next year is going to be even better. Not to get all awards-speech on you, but my thanks go out first and foremost to Duane, my oldest friend, who first proposed the idea of this blog and who continues to show inspiring support and encouragement. Thanks also to my co-blogger Jennifer, to fellow collaborators Brucini at the Black Keys Fan Lounge and photographer Nate Burrell, to fellow bloggers Digger (Take This Bread) and Tim (Rubber City Review), to friends who have become readers and readers who have become friends and anyone who has stopped here for even a moment. And, of course, a huge debt of gratitude to you who make music – even beyond this blog, I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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