Covers of Note: Strangers, Stay

So here is a story I have to tell you about Stay by Shakespeare’s Sister: The first time I heard it I was in the Arizona desert with my youth group, about three-fourths of the way through a week-long mission trip. We were out driving around looking at rocks, or something, I don’t remember, but it had been a long week. Tempers were fraying. Teeth were being firmly clenched. Required daily notes of affirmation to each other (yes, really) were becoming more difficult to compose.

But we had the radio on, a) because it was 1992 and b) I think choosing one tape or CD to listen to might have been the last straw for all of us, and – this song came on:

Shakespeare's Sister – Stay Wth Me (Official Music Video)Shakespeare's Sister - Stay Wth Me (Official Music Video)
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It was like someone had kicked down the door to a sex dungeon and it was full of fresh air. I didn’t quite understand what all was going on in there, but it surely was better than a car full of my seething peers.

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Video: STRANGERS feat. Charli Rouse, No Longer Lost

Another (kind of) new one from STRANGERS, feat. Charli Rouse. The tune is solid, and the video gets super-creepy towards the end. I can’t say more or it will ruin the surprise:
Strangers 'No Longer Lost' (featuring Charli Rouse) Official VideoStrangers 'No Longer Lost' (featuring Charli Rouse) Official Video
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Video: [strangers], Sense of Liberty

And now, from NTSIB’s old friends the [strangers], the video for Sense of Liberty, which illustrates the perils of putting all of your eggs in one basket. Or spending all of your energy chasing one balloon, as the case may be.

I like this video specifically because by the time I got to the end I was annoyed and frustrated on the protagonists behalf, and wanted to yell STOP CHASING THAT DAMN BALLOON AND LIVE at him. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a sign of good visual storytelling.

The song that goes with it is the first in a series of free-for-your-email monthly downloads which will run through December. The second one, No Longer Lost, emerged yesterday.


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[strangers], Something New

Something New, from [strangers] featuring Eleanor Fletcher (Crystal Fighters), music for: Here we go over the falls, one more time. Maybe this is a terrible idea, but we don’t care. We can see the white water and the rocks but it doesn’t matter, we have each other. We’re too busy making new universes every time we kiss to care about things like logic and sense and appropriate planning. Are we doomed? Maybe. We’ll find out when we land.



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August Video Challenge: [STRANGERS], Safe/Pain

And now jumping forward in time and across several genres, here’s the latest from [STRANGERS], called Safe/Pain. It is, as usual, dreamy and delicious.

Produced by Bas Productions at ZENEssex Studio
Camera: Tom Brown, Jasper Sharp
Sound/Lights: Gary Clark
Set design: Richard A. Sharpe
Editor: Kevin Burtt
Direction: Claire Coulton/ [STRANGERS] / Richard A. Sharpe

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[Strangers] – Video Grab Bag

The last time we checked in with the [Strangers] was last spring. Since then they’ve put out three EPs and released a series of amazing remixes and covers which I  present to you now more or less in order of appearance:

Lana Del Rey – Video Games  – I may or may not be starting a collection of covers of this song. This one is actually the first one I heard; I like it because it picks up the pace a little bit while still retaining the dark, dreamy character of the original.

[ Strangers ] – Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover)[ Strangers ] - Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover)
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Tears for Fears – Shout – I had Songs From The Big Chair on tape – still have it, probably, somewhere – but I haven’t listened to it in years. Here, [Strangers] nail the propulsive power of the original while still putting their own spin on it.

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Strangers: Dark Pop and Twisty Soundscapes

Raife Hacking (drums; left), David Jones (vocals, keyboards; right);

not pictured: Glen Nicholls (producer, programmer, keyboardist, crafter of twisty soundscapes,  and international man of mystery).


I’m intrigued by your sound. So, tell me more about the band. Who are you, collectively, and what’s your story?

David: Well the band is a trio, myself and Raife Hacking started working with Glen Nicholls, the producer and also third band member in October last year. We are from the Midlands in the UK originally, but now work from Glen’s studio in North London.

We came together through a love of dark pop music, stuff like Depeche Mode, some Bowie stuff, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails (you’ll hear that coming out more in our new stuff). Glen is a producer/remixer and has worked with bands such as White Lies, Prodigy and Unkle amongst others, and I have been songwriting for a few years, inspired by my love of dark uplifting pop songs. I use the word pop loosely, I guess.

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