Songs for the Superbowl

And to conclude this edition of remix week / in honor of the Super Bowl (GO BIG BLUE!), here are some football-related tunes.

First, let us examine the ongoing evolution and remixing of Whiz Khalifa‘s Black and Yellow. This is the original, written last year for the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow [Official Music Video]Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow [Official Music Video]
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Then Lil’ Wayne took the beat and adjusted the lyrics to reflect support of the Green Bay Packers, and called the result Green and Yellow:

Green & Yellow (HD Music Video) – Lil Wayne 1920×1080Green & Yellow (HD Music Video) - Lil Wayne 1920x1080
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This year, Frank Henny updated it for the Giants. His version is called Blue and Red:

"Blue & Red" – ( Black and Yellow Remix) New York Giants"Blue & Red" - ( Black and Yellow Remix) New York Giants
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[Strangers] – Video Grab Bag

The last time we checked in with the [Strangers] was last spring. Since then they’ve put out three EPs and released a series of amazing remixes and covers which I  present to you now more or less in order of appearance:

Lana Del Rey – Video Games  – I may or may not be starting a collection of covers of this song. This one is actually the first one I heard; I like it because it picks up the pace a little bit while still retaining the dark, dreamy character of the original.

[ Strangers ] – Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover)[ Strangers ] - Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover)
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Tears for Fears – Shout – I had Songs From The Big Chair on tape – still have it, probably, somewhere – but I haven’t listened to it in years. Here, [Strangers] nail the propulsive power of the original while still putting their own spin on it.


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A Sampler: Utah Saints


For Friday: a couple of tracks from Utah Saints, for no other reasons than 1) sometimes I miss clubbing and 2) their name has popped into my head a few times in the last month or so, and when I went off to find out what they were doing with themselves these days, it turned out the answer was “still rocking dancefloors all over Britain.” And also “putting out a new single at the end of February.”

First up, the new stuff, or at least new versions of the old stuff. What Can You Do For Me was originally released in 1991 and was their first monster hit. Recently they went to archive it and other early tracks and discovered the floppy disk (!) it was on had gotten corrupted and the original was lost.

So they rerecorded it, and then they remixed it, and then other people got into the remixing act too. The lucha libre-style video below is for the version that resulted from a collaboration with Drumsound and Bassline Smith:


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Blackwater Jukebox, TAKE THAT!!! [You Mutated Son of a Bitch]

And for Thursday, banjos, breakbeats and blasts from the past, from Blackwater Jukebox. What was I just saying about old friends in new clothes? Or in some cases old acquaintances; I have to confess I came to appreciate New Wave in general and Depeche Mode in particular only later in life. Beck, on the other hand, I loved at first listen.

Two songs for flavor; get the rest of them here.

Depeche Motherfucker – Blackwater Jukebox by Blackwater Jukebox

Queen of the Nightmare Hippies – Blackwater Jukebox by Blackwater Jukebox

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Eleven Roses, ZZ Ward

For your Wednesday: ZZ Ward and her mixtape Eleven Roses, which showcases a slightly different approach to the concept of the remix. Rather than shuffling or expanding the beat of the original song, she keeps it (mostly) intact and trades out the vocal track  for one of her own.

This, for example, is Better Off Dead, which features the shimmery, hypnotic beat from Tyler, The Creator’s Yonkers as the backbone of a sexy, sultry blues song:


ZZ Ward – Better Off DeadZZ Ward - Better Off Dead
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She gives similar treatment to Childish Gambino’s You Know Me, Freddie Gibbs’ Oil Money, and Wiz Khalifa/Curren$y’s Rooftops.

There’s also two originals produced by Blended Babies (Got It Bad and Cinnamon Stix) and two acoustic versions of songs that will be on the full length record she’s releasing later this year (Til the Casket Drops and Last Love Song); I’m especially fond of Til The Casket Drops.

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Thrillseeker, CiferCrew

Your Tuesday needs some dance music too, but a different kind, something a little more New Wave, but seasoned with reggae and dubstep. This remix is called Thrillseeker, and it comes to you from CiferCrew, in Los Angeles.

Yesterdays offering was, for me, something of an assembly of old friends (Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes) wearing new clothes. Today there are only a few familiar faces (Kelis, Kanye West, Daft Punk) but, well, all y’all know how much I enjoy a voyage of discovery. Bonus: there’s even someone (Yelle) singing in French!

Thrillseeker by CiferCrew


Brown and Gammon – Gwaan Plant
OVERWERK – Buzzin’
Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
Zeds Dead – White Satin
Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Pretty Lights Remix)
Daft Punk – Too Long (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)
Sonny Moore – Mora (Lazrtag Remix)
Skylar Grey – Invisible (John Dahlback Remix)
Digitalism – Pogo (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
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Up the Anti, Vol. 1, Black Cards

Here is what your Monday needs: some thudding dance music, with bursts of WHIMBLE WHIMBLE WHOOP and BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ. Seriously, it sounds like they were having some fun in the studio when they made this one. There are 35 songs but some of them are short, so you’re bound to find something you like, and if you hate a track, it’ll probably be over soon.

Black Cards – Up The Anti | Volume One by blackcards

Download link available here.


01. Gym Class Heroes & Neon Hitch “Ass Back Home (Black Cards Remix)”
02. Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party “Antidote (Kaskade Edit)”
03. Dada Life “Happy Violence (Caveat Remix)”
04. Skrillex & Ellie Goulding “Summit (Aylen Remix)”
05. Rihanna “We Found Love (Black Cards Live Edit)”
06. Kaskade “Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix)”
07. Cobra Starship “#1Night (Black Cards Remix)”
08. Havana Brown “We Run The Night (Congorock Remix)”
09. Nero “Promises (Denzal Park Remix)”
10. R3hab “Sending My … Continue reading