Tour Alert: The Dirty Nil

Dig out your best dancing boots, ladies and gentlemen, because The Dirty Nil are headed out on tour.

They’re from Toronto, and they are, seriously, just the best. Grab a beverage of your choice, wriggle up to the barricade and get ready to sing with them and/or bang your head.

Nil Summer Tour Poster

This is their latest single:

This is another awesome song:

Little Metal Baby Fist by The Dirty Nil

For more updates: Official Facebook.

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Tour Alert: Jail Weddings “After Dark”

Attention all fans of high quality rock and roll: JAIL WEDDINGS IS TOURING OFF THE WEST COAST.

You can see them at the following times and places:


They are going out on this jaunt in support of their second record, Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion, which has just been turned loose upon the world.

Some excerpts, to whet your appetite:

Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion by Jail Weddings

Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion by Jail Weddings

And in conclusion, the video for Summer Fades:

Jail Weddings – Summer Fades

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Tour Alert: Into The Sun, The March Violets

Heads up, West Coast of America (and also Las Vegas), The March Violets are coming to visit you this June:


Yes, it’s really them! They’re back! They’ve got a new record, too! It’s called Made Glorious, and you can check it out at their bandcamp page. Here are some excerpts to whet your appetite:

Made Glorious by The March Violets

Made Glorious by The March Violets

And here is the video for Dandelion King, which features, among other things, a tremendously awesome headdress:

The March Violets – Dandelion King

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Tour Alert: Beast Friends Forever: Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose, Jon Walker

Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose and Jon Walker are headed out on the road together once again. This time around they’ll be playing it songwriters circle style, i.e. rotating through songs and accompanying each other. And if you think the tour poster is as adorable as I do, you can snag yourself one at the shows.

As enticement and introduction, some videos. First up is Lucas Carpenter:

Lucas Carpenter: "Just To Prove That This Is Love" at World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA)

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Reasons Lucas Carpenter is awesome: 1) Totally cool with people who cackle loudly when something funny happens during his set, as I did last fall, when he busted out the fancy vintage live-looping machine and, you guys, it honked; yes I am secretly twelve and also 2) Writes songs that are by turns poignant and hilarious and also make snarky references to emoticons.

Next is Mark Rose (Spitalfield):

Mark Rose live at Lincoln Hall

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Tour Alert: Colour Revolt / Empires

Empires, of Chicago (and yes, still the Scrappy Little Band of My Heart) are teaming up with Colour Revolt, of Oxford, Mississippi and visiting some cities  this fall. I can’t get to their Brooklyn show – law school is once again interfering with my rock and roll lifestyle – but I encourage all y’all to go and check them out.

As enticement, I give you some video. First up, there’s Empires, with Spit The Dark, from Howl, the first song they wrote as a band:


And then Colour Revolt, with Eight Years, from their new record The Cradle. It’s the story of eight years playing together – the highs, the lows, the sublime, and the totally, grossly ridiculous:

Colour Revolt "8 Years"

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