Video: Fall Out Boy feat. 2 Chainz, My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)


So, y’all, this is how my day went today: 7:15 AM: While going about my normal morning business of GChatting with a friend and scrolling through Tumblr, I clicked on something purporting to be the “New FOB single!!” – rumors have been swirling for a while now, but more intensely in the last week or so; evidence had surfaced of their appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show later this month; and my pre-caffeine judgement is often poor – and was Taylor Swift-rolled. Well, I suppose I deserved that, I typed into the GChat window, as the strains of We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together emanated from my computer. (Yes, I left it on. That one and I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In have grown on me, and not like a fungus, either.) My friend commiserated with my rueful amusement, and the conversation moved on. 8:15 AM: Hum Hallelujah floats up on shuffle as I’m walking to the train. I spend a few minutes pondering pop music; Pete Wentz’s pirate smile and tendency to throw himself off the stage and into the pit; the shimmery golden quality of light in Harlem in the morning; whether it is … Continue reading

Tour Alert: Beast Friends Forever: Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose, Jon Walker


Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose and Jon Walker are headed out on the road together once again. This time around they’ll be playing it songwriters circle style, i.e. rotating through songs and accompanying each other. And if you think the tour poster is as adorable as I do, you can snag yourself one at the shows. As enticement and introduction, some videos. First up is Lucas Carpenter:     Reasons Lucas Carpenter is awesome: 1) Totally cool with people who cackle loudly when something funny happens during his set, as I did last fall, when he busted out the fancy vintage live-looping machine and, you guys, it honked; yes I am secretly twelve and also 2) Writes songs that are by turns poignant and hilarious and also make snarky references to emoticons. Next is Mark Rose (Spitalfield):     Highlight of his set in September: That moment he dropped a little bit of Smells Like Teen Spirit neatly and seamlessly into one of his songs without even breaking the rhythm.   And then Jon Walker (The Young Veins, Panic[!] at the Disco), freshly returned from a sojourn in Costa Rica:     Jon Walker barefoot and playing the guitar means all … Continue reading