Tour Alert: Beast Friends Forever: Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose, Jon Walker

Lucas Carpenter, Mark Rose and Jon Walker are headed out on the road together once again. This time around they’ll be playing it songwriters circle style, i.e. rotating through songs and accompanying each other. And if you think the tour poster is as adorable as I do, you can snag yourself one at the shows.

As enticement and introduction, some videos. First up is Lucas Carpenter:
Reasons Lucas Carpenter is awesome: 1) Totally cool with people who cackle loudly when something funny happens during his set, as I did last fall, when he busted out the fancy vintage live-looping machine and, you guys, it honked; yes I am secretly twelve and also 2) Writes songs that are by turns poignant and hilarious and also make snarky references to emoticons.

Next is Mark Rose (Spitalfield):

Mark Rose live at Lincoln Hall

Highlight of his set in September: That moment he dropped a little bit of Smells Like Teen Spirit neatly and seamlessly into one of his songs without even breaking the rhythm.
And then Jon Walker (The Young Veins, Panic[!] at the Disco), freshly returned from a sojourn in Costa Rica:
Fairytale by Jon Walker [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Jon Walker barefoot and playing the guitar means all is right with the world and everything is in its proper place.

Special note: later in July he’s opening for Gold Motel at their shows in Indianapolis (7/25 @ Hoosier Dome), Chicago, IL (7/26, Schubas) and St. Louis, MO (7/27, @ The Firebird.)

Tour dates below are as of 7/7/2012; for updates/more information go to the Beast Friends Tour Tumblr.

07-07: Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel Club Lounge (5PM | ALL AGES)

07-08: Erie, PA @ Basement Transmissions (4PM | ALL AGES)

07-09: Rochester, NY @ Lovin’ Cup (7PM | ALL AGES | $5 COVER)

07-10: Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern (8PM | ALL AGES)

07-11: Ardmore, PA (Philly) @ Milkboy (8PM | ALL AGES)

07-12: Allentown, PA @ Planet Trog (5:30PM | ALL AGES)

07-13: Morgantown, WV @ The Cue (7PM | ALL AGES | $7 COVER)

07-14: Dayton, OH @ Ghostlight Coffee (8PM | ALL AGES | $3 COVER)

07-15: Bloomington, IL @ Coffee Nation (7:30PM | ALL AGES)

07-16: Online Show – “Live! at Threadless” @ (8PM (CST) | ONLINE TIX (PAY WHAT YOU WANT) | LIVE TAPING [in Chicago] TIX ([$7,] 30 AVAIL))