CXCW Highlight: Water Tower, Town/Come Down Easy

One of the many awesome things about CXCW is catching up with old favorites. I developed a deep fondness for Water Tower back when they were the Water Tower Bucket Boys and singing awesome bluegrass songs about acid tripping in San Francisco, and then I lost track of them a little bit. So I was super pleased when their video featuring their new song Town and a cover of Spaceman 3’s Come Down Easy popped up yesterday. They’ve evolved from their bluegrass roots, though not that far – just enough to settle into a psychedelic groove.

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Water Tower will be at That Other Festival as well (multi-tasking! excellent!), and to follow their adventures, you may consult Facebook, here.

To follow CouchxCouchWest, you may consult Facebook, Twitter, or refresh the Festival page several times a day.

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Festival Alert: Couch x CouchWest 2015

Now in its fifth year (!!!) Couch x CouchWest is once again coming to a screen near you. Very near you. Like, in your hand right now, if you’re reading this on your phone. Though if you want to make a YouTube playlist of the videos and project them on the nearest wall-like surface, YOU CAN. Such is the beauty of Couch x CouchWest!

Lineup: Anyone who sends in a video. Are you a musician? In a band? You should sit down on your couch / favorite chair / front porch / elevator shaft / etc and sing a song for in the internet. It will be awesome. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS NOON EASTERN MARCH 21st.

Dates: March 15-21

Location: Anywhere you want. In bed, in the bath (Carefully! Make sure your device is well protected from the water!), on a train, on a plane, on the bus, you are all welcome, come join us, where-ever you are.

Survival guide: As with That Other Festival, you will probably want snacks and cold beverages and comfortable clothes. The major differences: Pants are optional, pets are encouraged, there are no lines, you’ll never be shut out of a show unless your … Continue reading

Daily Video: Ned Van Go, Mountain Top Removal

One of the (very many) reasons I love Couch by CouchWest is it brings all sorts of awesome new-to-me bands my way, such as Ned Van Go, of Nashville. Here they are with Mountaintop Removal, proving it is totally possible to tear it up while also chilling on a couch, or keg, or speaker, as the case may be.

Ned Van Go "Mountain Top Removal" CXCW2014Ned Van Go "Mountain Top Removal" CXCW2014
Watch this video on YouTube

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CXCW is Coming!


It’s almost that time again. Time to sit around on the couch in your underwear with a beer in your hand and your laptop overheating your legs. Okay, for some of you this is just known as “Thursday”, but come March 11th – and extending through the 18th – you’ll be able to do this while communing with your fellow poor and lazy people who won’t be attending South by Southwest and still get to witness one-of-a-kind performances from up-and-coming musicians

This is Couch by Couch West, where the beer is cheaper, and the only hipster is you. Run by a secret cabal, CXCW started last year as an alternative entertainment gathering for those uninterested in or unable to go to SXSW, and we are thrilled that it’s being brought back for a second year because it was a hell of a good time.

The virtual showcase takes place over two platforms, with sharing of beer recommendations, pictures of zonked-out pets, and, most importantly, couch session videos on the CXCW Tumblr shiny new main stage to be announced this weekend (follow on Twitter or Facebook for the premiere) shiny new … Continue reading