CXCW is Coming!


It’s almost that time again. Time to sit around on the couch in your underwear with a beer in your hand and your laptop overheating your legs. Okay, for some of you this is just known as “Thursday”, but come March 11th – and extending through the 18th – you’ll be able to do this while communing with your fellow poor and lazy people who won’t be attending South by Southwest and still get to witness one-of-a-kind performances from up-and-coming musicians

This is Couch by Couch West, where the beer is cheaper, and the only hipster is you. Run by a secret cabal, CXCW started last year as an alternative entertainment gathering for those uninterested in or unable to go to SXSW, and we are thrilled that it’s being brought back for a second year because it was a hell of a good time.

The virtual showcase takes place over two platforms, with sharing of beer recommendations, pictures of zonked-out pets, and, most importantly, couch session videos on the CXCW Tumblr shiny new main stage to be announced this weekend (follow on Twitter or Facebook for the premiere) shiny new main stage and lewd and drunken conversation happening on Twitter (follow @couchxcouchwest and hashtags #cxcw, #cxcw12 and #cxcw2012).

MUSICIANS! If you want to participate by taping a couch session, post the video of your session to YouTube or Vimeo, then e-mail your video link to cxcwest at gmail dot com. You can begin submitting now and keep submitting until the 18th. It’s a unique and fantastically fun way to gain a little exposure. (And if it’s good enough for Neko Case, well…)

Here are a few favorite couch sessions from last year (you can check out more at last year’s CXCW Tumblr)…


Conrad Plymouth – “Texas in a Drawer” (A Heidi Spencer Cover)


The Imperial Rooster – “God Has Left the Building”


Doc Dailey – “German Train”


The Ridges – “Not a Ghost”


Daniel Knox – CXCW – You Win Some, You Tie Some from Daniel Knox on Vimeo.

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