Canadian Music Week: Canadians at CouchxCouchWest

For those of you who don’t know, CouchxCouchWest is an annual music festival that is held exclusively on the web, where brave souls flip on their recording devices and sing a song anywhere but a stage. Pants are optional, pets are encouraged, and you always get a front row, er, screen, seat. Canada sent several acts this year; below are some of the highlights.

Modern Day Poets, of Vancouver, British Columbia, with This City:

Modern Day Poets – "This City" – #CXCW2015Modern Day Poets - "This City" - #CXCW2015
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Norine Braun, also from Vancouver, B.C. with Drunk, which is about love and day-drinking:

#CXCW2015 Norine Braun Drunk#CXCW2015 Norine Braun Drunk
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The Holy Gasp, of Toronto, Ontario, with a conga-driven song about creepy crawlie nightmares, aka Bedbugs.

And then to clear your mental palate, Winnipeg, Manitoba radio host Nancy Slater with her interpretation of Heavy by The Glorious Sons:

Heavy-The Glorious Sons Cover CXCW2015Heavy-The Glorious Sons Cover CXCW2015
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CXCW Highlights: Grace and Tony; EdTang and The Chops; Leslie Jabara and Susan Hurley

I am still slowly working my way through the CouchxCouchWest performances, but here are three that I think are particularly awesome.

Grace and Tony, How Great Thou Art: They got this one in just under the wire, and I am so glad they did, because it is magnificent. The California scenery, yes, but also their voices, and most especially how they revitalized this old hymn.

Grace & Tony – How Great Thou ArtGrace & Tony - How Great Thou Art
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EdTang and The Chops, Willy Loman: In their CXCW bio they state they all met at a Michael Jackson impersonators conference in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I don’t know if that’s a hook or the truth, but I clicked on their video and I was not disappointed.

"Willy Loman" – EdTang & The Chops"Willy Loman" - EdTang & The Chops
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Leslie Jabara and Susan Hurley, Do You Love An Apple: Coming all the way from Ireland, these two ladies, music therapist and music therapist-in-training, bring with them a lovely rendition of a bittersweet traditional song, … Continue reading

CXCW Highlight: Water Tower, Town/Come Down Easy

One of the many awesome things about CXCW is catching up with old favorites. I developed a deep fondness for Water Tower back when they were the Water Tower Bucket Boys and singing awesome bluegrass songs about acid tripping in San Francisco, and then I lost track of them a little bit. So I was super pleased when their video featuring their new song Town and a cover of Spaceman 3’s Come Down Easy popped up yesterday. They’ve evolved from their bluegrass roots, though not that far – just enough to settle into a psychedelic groove.

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Water Tower will be at That Other Festival as well (multi-tasking! excellent!), and to follow their adventures, you may consult Facebook, here.

To follow CouchxCouchWest, you may consult Facebook, Twitter, or refresh the Festival page several times a day.

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