The First Year: NTSIB Turns 1

Line up the shot glasses and lock up the animals and children: it’s time to celebrate Now This Sound Is Brave’s 1-year anniversary.

It’s been a thrilling year, and it looks like the next year is going to be even better. Not to get all awards-speech on you, but my thanks go out first and foremost to Duane, my oldest friend, who first proposed the idea of this blog and who continues to show inspiring support and encouragement. Thanks also to my co-blogger Jennifer, to fellow collaborators Brucini at the Black Keys Fan Lounge and photographer Nate Burrell, to fellow bloggers Digger (Take This Bread) and Tim (Rubber City Review), to friends who have become readers and readers who have become friends and anyone who has stopped here for even a moment. And, of course, a huge debt of gratitude to you who make music – even beyond this blog, I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Now, a present for you: a mix. Twelve songs that have elicited something strong for me, whether it is an emotional punch in the gut or just excitement over a great chord progression, these are songs that made me pay attention this year.

Here’s the download (.zip file) link.

And here’s what you’ll find inside:

1. The Famous, “Cold Tonight”
2. Drive-by Truckers, “Used to be a Cop”
3. Cadillac Sky, “3rd Degree”
4. Conrad Plymouth, “Fergus Falls”
5. A Place to Bury Strangers, “Ocean”
6. Liars, “Scarecrows on a Killer Slant”
7. Gil Scott-Heron, “Me and the Devil”
8. Patrick Sweany, “Rising Tide”
9. Freddie Gibbs, featuring Chuck Inglish, Chip tha Ripper, Bun B and Dan Auerbach, “Oil Money”
10. Lee Fields and the Expressions, “Honey Dove”
11. Infantree, “Slaughterhouse”
12. Strand of Oaks, “Sterling”

Stick around for great things to come.

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