Markers: 1 Year

Hello NTSIBbers,

Today is my one year anniversary of writing for this blog. Thank you, April, for inviting me to the party and being a fabulous co-blogger, and thank you, NTSIBbers, for reading and commenting and making music and generally being wonderful people.

Also, I figured I should introduce myself, since I didn’t bother with that a year ago. (Whoops!) Hi! I’m Jennifer, and when it comes to music I’m a bit of a magpie. I like things that glitter and shine. I deeply appreciate people who, to paraphrase Brandon Flowers, wear their sequins unironically. I enjoy big drums and dirty bass lines, geeks, novelty songs, and novelty songs about geeks. I also enjoy the roar of the big machine, and my favorite part of  nearly any show is when the circle bells out and the center starts to spin.

Mostly what you’ve seen from me so far has been concert photography, and there will be more of that to come. I also have some half-formed ideas/nefarious plans regarding other topics (hint: I have A Lot of Feelings … Continue reading