Friday Link Session

  Patterson Hood and the Downtown Rumblers dropped by Hear Ya! to record a live session that you can listen to and download. Liars premiered their video for “WIXIW” at Entertainment Weekly, of all places. The Jimmy Cliff classic “The Harder They Come” is up on YouTube. Elton John will appear on the next Queens of the Stone Age album. No, really. The new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album, Push the Sky Away, is streaming on half of the interweb this morning, including at, The Guardian, and Fact. A bunch of Joey Ramone’s belongings are going on the auction block. Check out a great short film on the New Orleans bounce scene. Finally, meditate on a personal story of an encounter with Johnny Cash.

What It Is To be Free: Music As Release

NTSIB’s good friend Brucini, proprietor of The Black Keys Fan Lounge, has graced us with a rumination on the freeing power of music, as exemplified by a couple of his fellow countrymen. How does it feel to be free? How is it possible to just be yourself? Most folk don’t think about it. Some musicians wittingly or otherwise are emboldened to consider these notions, it informs their way of being. Musicians through live performance seem to be able to demonstrate a way to be – free, and real, and honest, if just for a fleeting moment. It’s not a way others can inhabit easily, it’s just a way, their way. Music historically has opened a door to a type of personal transcendence. Fears, inhibitions, anxieties are either dealt with onstage through lyrics and music or they are simply put aside during those brief moments of performance. The stage creates a space in which this personal transcendence can take place. The audience pays its respects to this place. The music urges on feelings to be released, to rage against the world, to do away with the attachments that otherwise chain us. Two of the best examples of this going around, though … Continue reading