Liars: No. 1 Against the Rush


I was introduced to Liars via 2010’s Sisterworld album, and it was one of those experiences that made me ask, “Damn, how am I just hearing about this band now?” Their sound, ranging from moody, off-kilter grooves to straight-up screaming punk blasts, littered liberally with striking and jagged imagery, really caught me. (Even my son, who normally doesn’t listen to anything not connected to video games, would make me play “Scissor” repeatedly on the morning drive to school – hell of a way to start a day of education.)

Liars are preparing to release their next album WIXIW (wish you) on June 5th. Check out the disturbing video for lead single “No. 1 Against the Rush”.



WIXIW Pre-Order

Liars Official Website

Liars @ Tumblr

Liars @ Facebook

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