The Dirty Nil, Summer Mix Tape Vol. 2: Covers


The Dirty Nil have a present for you, darlings. It’s an EP of covers and it is pay-what-you-want until the end of the summer, by which they mean the fall solstice. Digital only, though, unless you find yourself at one of their shows, where you might be able to buy it on cassette.

I’ve picked two of the four songs to share with y’all today.

First is Game of Pricks (original by: Guided by Voices), to which they add some fuzzy depth, or maybe warmth, or possibly both depth and warmth. In any case, I liked it.
Summer Mix-Tape Vol. 2: Covers by The Dirty Nil
And then there is Mama Tried (original by: Merle Haggard) which I listened to and then sent them an email that contained at least eight exclamation points. And even that was not really enough to properly express my joy.

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Friday Link Session


  • Our friends, and becoming one of my favorite bands, the Wind-up Birds have broadened their offerings on their Bandcamp site. Their latest addition is Acting Thick for Money, Vol. 2, collecting the EP In These Great Times, the “mini-album” We Fixed The Raffle, and the original version of “Meet Me at the Depot” – pay-what-you-want. If you’re in the Leeds, UK, area, you can catch them playing for free on February 1 at Brudenell Social Club with Kleine Schweine, Monmon and Guerin.
  • I Rock Cleveland announced that Dave Grohl’s new documentary “Sound City” will be screening here in Cleveland at the Cedar Lee on January 31. Click here for more details and check out Grohl’s recent appearance on WTF with Marc Maron – so much glorious music geeking.
  • Boing Boing has a free download of “She Lives in an Airport” from Guided By Voices. A new album is expected in the first half of this year.
  • A Neil Young bootleg called “The Joel Bernstein Tapes” has been posted to YouTube. Over an hour of ’76-vintage Young. Read a little more about the tapes here.
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Rebirth of the Cool: Ohio Covers Ohio, Part Two

When you hear the phrase “Ohio bands”, one of the first names that should pop into your head is Guided By Voices. If it isn’t, we may have to sit down and have a long talk. Birthed in 1983 in Dayton and led by a high-kicking former teacher and one of the most prolific artists around, Robert Pollard, GBV slammed through 16 studio albums and 16 EPs (plus 3 split EPs) before saying farewell in 2004.

In the meantime, they commanded a hell of a lot of love and respect not only from fans, but also from other bands, including fellow Daytonians the Breeders, who covered “Shocker in Gloomtown” on their 1993 album Last Splash. I love this video for the Breeders’ cover for the idea it gives that A) Dayton bands roam the streets of town and B) have nothing better to do than spy on each other’s practic sessions.


GBV reunited this year to tour and show the kids how it’s done, while sending GBV fans into paroxysms of ecstasy. Here’s “Shocker” 2010-style.


GBV returned the favor during their 1995 tour by covering the Breeders’ “Invisible Man”. Unfortunately, we don’t have the GBV cover available, … Continue reading

Additional Bits: Guided By Voices, Andrew Bird

  • This was too good not to make an additional post for: Guided By Voices will be reuniting to play the Matador Records 21st anniversary gig in Las Vegas this October.
  • For those on the other side of the States, Andrew Bird will be collaborating with Ian Schneller, the sculptor who makes Bird’s Victrola speaker-style amplifiers, for a project called “Sonic Arboretum”, which will include a performance from Bird, at the Guggenheim Museum on August 5.

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