Songs That Stick To Your Ribs: Vol. 1

Some songs come and go — sweet pleasures, but fleeting ones.

Others, they linger, wearing a groove in heart and brain that runs down the intersection of comforting and challenging.

These are some of those songs.

Off My Mind, Ryan Ross: It’s the plucked string at the beginning, I think. The insistent whang whang whang that reaches out to hook your attention just before the other guitars muscle in, rumbling and grumbling and trying to start a fight. And then about half-way through they settle down and start hammering out a quasi-hypnotic rhythm. I both do and do not want to know what the words are supposed to be; I’m curious, but also suspect context might ruin it.

If You’re in New York, The Grahams: I have more to say about Riverman’s Daughter, their most recent (and most amazing) record, but this is one of the songs I have been listening to obsessively. I have danced to this on subway platforms from Harlem to Brooklyn, and hummed along everywhere from the center of a swirl of autumn leaves on Central Park West to a rapidly thickening blanket of snow on 1st … Continue reading

Video: SWiiiM, I Am God

Hey look, it’s a SWiiiM video that (mostly) doesn’t freak me out! (Maybe just a touch of vertigo on some of the shots!)

No but really, it’s pretty. A love letter, even, to Californian sun and sweeping vistas, chickens and urban decay. It’s also something of a meditation on the subject of What Would Jesus Do (If He Were a Stoner Bro?)
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Video: Swiiim, All My Things

I’m posting this video for All My Things by Swiiim (Danny Fujikawa, formerly of Chief) during Halloween week because I have to watch it through my fingers because it mashes on not one but TWO of my greatest-fear buttons: being trapped in an enclosed space and drowning.

That said, the song, which is from his new record, Cellophane Castle, is full of echo-booming wub-wub synths and lines like I have been reduced to using the Internet to communicate and is awesome.
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You can listen read an interview about the making of the video — it is just as hair-raising as it looks — and listen to the rest of the (really great!) record at Impose Magazine.

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