Video: Swiiim, All My Things

I’m posting this video for All My Things by Swiiim (Danny Fujikawa, formerly of Chief) during Halloween week because I have to watch it through my fingers because it mashes on not one but TWO of my greatest-fear buttons: being trapped in an enclosed space and drowning.

That said, the song, which is from his new record, Cellophane Castle, is full of echo-booming wub-wub synths and lines like I have been reduced to using the Internet to communicate and is awesome.
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You can listen read an interview about the making of the video — it is just as hair-raising as it looks — and listen to the rest of the (really great!) record at Impose Magazine.

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Late Night Listening: Danny Fujikawa

Late Night Listening: This is what I’m putting on at the end of long days in a summer that is going to be chock full of long days. It’s also what I’m listening to while I’m making flash cards for bar review.

Some of it will be soothing, some of it will be weird. Some of it may be soothing and weird, since I’m into that kind of thing. In any case, I’m listening to it and I like it, so I’m going to share it with y’all.

Today in the category of soothing and also delightful: some new(ish) tracks from Danny Fujikawa, formerly of Chief, which represent one of his many on-going projects. These are rough mixes, but I’m fond of them anyway.
The newest one; one of the lyrics is True love is a lie, a sentiment which warms the cockles of my blackened heart:
True Love 2.1 by DannyFujikawa
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