The Felice Brothers at Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY, 7.16.10

The recounting of the NTSIB roadtrip to points south will begin with the end. We are, as regular readers have surely noticed, a little fannish about the Felice Brothers, so when the opportunity presented itself to cap off our roadtrip by seeing the Brothers play Lebowski Fest, we couldn’t pass it up. It was the fourth Felice show for me, the third for Jennifer and our first show together. All very exciting, I assure you. And it was, for me, the most fun of the Felice shows I’ve experienced.

We set off from the hotel a little late and, sadly, missed “The Greatest Show on Earth” (a favorite of mine), but we sang along to “White Limo” as we crossed the parking lot and weaved our way as close to the stage as we could. The Brothers kept it upbeat for the drunken party crowd and Lebowski-ized a couple of songs, transforming “Where’d You Get Your Liquor?” to “Where’d You Get Your Caucasian?” and “Roll On, Arte” to “Roll On, Donny”. Other highlights included a guest spoon-player on “Whiskey … Continue reading

NTSIB is Headin’ South

And unlike the protagonist in Dan Auerbach’s awesome song, “Keep It Hid”, we can say where.

Jennifer and I and our longtime friend, writer Cameron Rogers, will be hitting the road to Oxford, Mississippi, tomorrow. As we’ll be out seeing the sites, maybe catching a show, hitting the Blues Archive at Ole Miss, the Delta Blues Museum, Graceland Too (heaven help us), Square Books (perhaps we’ll score a Dent May siting) and who knows what else (as well as catching the Felice Brothers at Lebowski Fest on the way home), we’ll be on hiatus until after our return on the 17th.

Before we go, though, we’d like to let you know that NSTIB buddies Hell and Half of Georgia will be playing a couple of gigs at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California, this month. One on July 17 at 5:00 p.m. on the Meadows Stage and another on July 30 with details to be announced.

Now, Dan Auerbach and the Fast Five will take us out. Take care. We love you. See … Continue reading