Johnny and the Applestompers/The Misery Jackals/The Dad Horse Experience at Now That’s Class, Cleveland, OH, 9.6.12


Johnny and the Applestompers


Many fledgling bands find that audiences respond better to their cover songs than their originals. While, sure, part of the reason for that is that people are creatures of habit who love what is familiar, another part of it is that bands in their early stages are also more comfortable with what is familiar, finding it easier to let loose on a song they’ve been listening to for years than one they wrote in the garage last week. Johnny and the Applestompers, whose singer appears to be mostly comprised of sticks and who have the gamest bass player I’ve ever seen, are one of those rare young bands who rock their originals even more confidently than their covers. While they covered everyone from Merle Haggard to Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers, it was their originals, based firmly in Americana traditions, about drinking whiskey and pretty girls not giving them the time of day that were the most compelling.


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The Dad Horse Experience in Cleveland Tonight


It’s not often the surprising and enchanting Dad Horse gets to tour the United States, but he’s on our soil right now, preaching the kellergospel. Here’s a clip from his recent stop at the Muddy Roots Festival.


“Through the Hole” – The Dad Horse Experience


He will appearing tonight at Now That’s Class tonight, and it promises to be an interesting experience. There’s no telling how long it will be before he makes it back this way, so don’t miss it.


“Kingdom It Will Come” – The Dad Horse Experience


Thursday, September 6, 9 PM
The Dad Horse Experience
The Misery Jackals
Johnny and the Applestompers


Now That’s Class

If you’re too far away to catch this gig, Dad has a bunch more American stops coming up with more being added all the time. Keep tabs at the tour page.

Sep.07: THE BRASS RAIL, Fort Wayne, IN
Sep.08: TIP TOP DELUXE, Grand Rapids, MI
Sep.09: WANDER INN, Mishawaka, IN
Sep.10: REGGIES, Chicago, IL
Sep.11: OUTLAW RADIO CHICAGO, living room session
Sep.12: TBA, Le … Continue reading