Christmas Grab Bag 2011 1.0

Some seasonal selections!

From Jon Walker, the season’s (probably) hardest rocking cover of “Do You See What I See?” I’m not quite sure who’s singing with him but at least one of them sounds suspiciously like Tom Conrad, from Empires. Jon Walker’s summary of this song: “Recorded a christmas cover in my basement last winter but never got around to releasing it. Here it is now. I don’t remember if alcohol was involved.” (Mr. Walker is currently on sabbatical in Costa Rica.)


Do You See What I See by JON WALKER MUSIC

Download from AP.

Next it is time to get funky, y’all, and get down with Sugar Rump Fairies, from HOLIDELIC by Everett Bradley. Mr. Bradley is taking his epic show on the road starting at the end of this week; it will be stopping in Hudson and New York, NY; Northampton, MA; and Philadelphia, PA.



Yes, it’s The Killers, singing a quasi-country (more like “country”) song, and yes, it is totally ridiculous. But a) I will listen to Brandon Flowers sing whatever he wants and b) completely ridiculous is one of the things they do best (I will always, always love a band that wears their sequins unironically), and most importantly c) the proceeds from the sales of this song go to (RED), an AIDS charity. Special note: the reason why this is among my favorite holiday videos appears at 1:07.

The Killers - The Cowboy's Christmas Ball


From the department of Amazing Things I Did Not Know I Needed Until They Appeared, I present Scott Weiland singing Winter Wonderland, from his Christmas album The Most Wonderful Time of the Year:

Scott Weiland - Winter Wonderland (Official Video)


And from the same department, two from Bob Dylan’s Christmas album, Christmas In The Heart. First up is Little Drummer Boy, because it’s sweet and the video is pretty, and second, I give you Adeste Fidelis because all y’all need to experience Dylan singing in Latin. (I love this song no matter the season and totally subjected April and Cam to it a) in July and b) on the way to Graceland.)

Bob Dylan - Little Drummer Boy


I’m pretty sure I also made them listen to this one, which is Angels We Have Heard on High, by Family Force 5. There are two videos because one is a live recording, just so you can really feel the bass when it comes in, and the other one is three ladies in Texas redefining “kick it” when it comes to this song: