2012: A Year In Pictures: Dec. 2011- March 2012

A series of highlights, as well as a chronological accounting. At the beginning: shows I went to after I had completed last year’s year-end roundup but before the end of the year.   Naked Fiction, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 30, 2011   we are the Last Men On Earth, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, Dec. 30, 2011   Pollux, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, Dec. 30, 2011   Wounded Lion, Brick & Mortar, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 31, 2011   White Fence, Brick & Mortar, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 31, 2011   Fresh & Onlys, Brick & Mortar, San Francisco, Dec. 31, 2011   Thee Oh Sees, Brick & Mortar, San Francisco, Dec. 31, 2011   And now, 2012, starting my first show of the year at the Lakeside Lounge:   Mud, Blood & Beer, Lakeside Lounge, NY, NY, January 5, 2012   Crown Jewel Defense, Irving Plaza, New York, NY, February 4, 2012   Foxy Shazam, Irving Plaza, New York, NY, February 4, 2012   Justin Hawkins, The Darkness, Irving Plaza, New York, NY, February 4, 2012   The Darkness, Irving Plaza, New York, NY, February 4, 2012   Built By Stereo, Irving … Continue reading

Postcards from the Pit: The Darkness / Foxy Shazam / Crown Jewel Defense, Irving Plaza, 2/4/2012

This past Saturday night I went to the third show of The Darkness’ current North American tour, which is their first visit to these shores after a six year hiatus. It was an amazing evening; one of the many highlights of my time in the pit was the multiple occasions the dudes around me started air-guitaring along with the band. The setlist was a mixture of old and new songs, and included the entirety of their first record, Permission to Land. Highlights: One Way Ticket, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us, Get Your Hands off My Woman, Love Is Only A Feeling, Everybody Have a Good Time and, of course, in I Believe In a Thing Called Love. If the new tunes are anything to go by, the record they’re working on right now is going to be a banger. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it. And now, some pictures, starting with the first opener, Crown Jewel Defense, who have a record out. Taylor Hood and Steve Ford   Nick Clinch   Next up was Foxy Shazam, who have become somewhat ubiquitous (omnipresent?) in my concert-going adventures in the last couple of years or so. The first time I … Continue reading

Postcards from the Pit: Patrick Stump, Starland Ballroom, NJ, 11/4/11

To the left, in the snazzy teal suit: Patrick Stump, formerly of Fall Out Boy. To the right, on the bass, Matthew Rubano, formerly of Taking Back Sunday. Also present are Michael Day on guitar, and Casey Benjamin (HEAVy) on keys and saxophone. (Skoota Warner of Ra is playing drums on the tour, he’s just not in this picture.) Patrick Stump and friends – technically this is a solo tour for him – were the second of three acts in the show I went to last Friday. The  first opener was Foxy Shazam, the headliner was Panic! at the Disco, and I’ll get to back to them later. First I have to tell you that how Mr. Stump and his merry crew put on a defiant, triumphant, raucous roller-coaster ride of a show. I was actually really surprised at some of the pictures I was able to get, given the way the pit was heaving. Like this one, for example: The set started with a snippet of Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, which essentially set the tone from the evening. (We were jammed in too tight to really dance, but there was definitely a great deal of enthusiastic jumping up and down.) … Continue reading

Postcards from the Balcony: Panic! at the Disco / fun. / Foxy Shazam, Terminal 5, 5/24/11

I was up on the balcony for this one largely in the interest of self-preservation; I don’t do well in large crowds I can’t get out of, and Terminal 5 was almost literally packed to the rafters. The first band was Foxy Shazam: I’ve seen this band four times now, twice on their headlining tour last summer (I went for one of their opening acts and developed an affection for them along the way), once when they opened for Courtney Love (!), and then at this show. Eric Nally whirled around the stage as he always does, but somehow they seemed a little bit subdued. And by “subdued” I mean Eric Nally did a headstand in the middle of a song – – but didn’t do the bit where he eats lit cigarettes (which I can’t actually bear to watch). Though I suspect that bit of business was sacrificed due to them being confined to a truncated opening act set. In any case, I was pleased to visit with them again. The next band was fun., which is Nate Ruess (vocals; The Format), Andrew Dost (piano, keyboard, fluegelhorn, and glockenspiel; Anathello), Jack Antonoff (guitar; also currently with Steel Train) at … Continue reading

Rock ‘n’ Roll Photog: Bad Rabbits/The Young Veins/Foxy Shazam

NTSIB is very pleased to introduce a new series to the blog. Our good friend and rock ‘n’ roll photographer Jennifer will highlight some of her favorite photos from her various rock ‘n’ roll escapades and talk about the photos, the musicians and related minutiae. Please enjoy the first installment. HELLO INTERNET, My name is Jennifer, and I’ll be one of April’s partners-in-shenanigans in Mississippi this summer. I live in New York. I go to a lot of shows. I take a lot of pictures. This past week the Foxy Shazam/The Young Veins/Bad Rabbits tour stopped at Webster Hall in the East Village in Manhattan and also at the (new) Knitting Factory, in Brooklyn. The tour continues through April, and all of you should see them if they pass through your neighborhood. These are some of my favorite pictures from those shows: Bad Rabbits These gentlemen from Boston really bring the funk. (Their MySpace sound really does not do them justice at all. Let me put it this way: I walked in having never heard them before, I walked out willing to pay money to see them at their own show.) Most of the pictures I took of them at … Continue reading