2016: A Year In Pictures

The more accurate title of this post would be 2016: The Year I Waited Nine Months to Post My SXSW Pictures, since that is where 99% of these shots are from. The remaining 1% are from New Year’s Eve 2015, taken too late to be included in last year’s round-up.

So, yeah, anyway, here they are, better super late than not at all, I guess?

Here’s the one from NYE:

IMG_9730 The Molly Ringwalds, Biloxi, MS, NYE 2015

SXSW was, by turns, glorious and exhausting. There is so much music, and so little time, and so many people. I was pleased to be there – to have been invited to be there, given the honor of a place on a panel, because honestly, otherwise, I would not have gone – but I did not really feel like I was among my people until the third day, when I walked into a grimy punk bar far from the main (festival) drag. At that point I was also so tired and people’d out I was about ready to just lie down on the (disgusting) floor and let the sea of noise wash … Continue reading

Video: CHVRCHES, Recover

I listen to Recover by CHVRCHES nearly every day. It never gets old. In fact it usually feels like I’ve been in steady communion with the tune for years, not just weeks or months; like it’s a place I have always boomeranged back to, when I wanted peace or solace or four minutes of uncomplicated happiness.

The video echoes this sense of mysterious peace, in the sense that there is something deeply comforting, to me, about watching a city (spaceship? ship-city?) be brought to life.

CHVRCHES – RecoverCHVRCHES - Recover
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