Video: Brett Detar, Tried to Hate the Angels

Tried to Hate the Angels is from Brett Detar’s shiny new record To Free To Live which he is giving away in return for email addresses at his website.

Too Free to Live is Detar’s second solo effort, and I think the best summary I can give you is: he sounds like he’s relaxed into his groove.

And oh, what a delightful groove it is, too. There are beautiful mournful ballads like the one below (Losers Baby, Broken Hymn); barroom stompers/clap-alongs (Satan’s Foot on My Neck, Please Don’t Go Away Like That); tunes to accompany the last run for the state line before the law closes in (Too Free To Live, I Can See The Darkness); and even a brief excursion into the blues (Damaged Girl).

Another thing I can tell you: once you have watched this video and then surfed on over and acquired the record, make some time to listen to it straight through from start to finish with no interruptions or distractions, and relax into the groove yourself.

Brett Detar – "Tried To Hate The Angels" Official Music Video
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Nick13 / Brett Detar, The Bell House, 9/24/2011

When I last wrote about Brett Detar (formerly of The Juliana Theory) I had just listened to his new solo record and loved it. Last Saturday night I got to see him sing some of those songs live, and it was fantastic.


It was just him and his guitar (and later banjo), so the songs – with the exception of Cocaine Whiskey and Heroin – were at times little slower and more subdued than on the record, but they were no less lovely for being stripped down. He has a big powerful voice and it was a pleasure just to listen to him sing.

Anyway, here’s one more of him, this time with the banjo:


Next up was Nick13, formerly of Tiger Army, who I had never heard before in either of his incarnations – Tiger Army happened while I was in cultural exile – and thus had no idea what to expect.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Photog: Video Grab Bag

This week, Jennifer shares some music she’s excited about right now, along with visual accompaniment.

Here (In Your Arms), Hellogoodby, from evilp8intpro922

Hellogoodbye put out their first record, Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! in 2006; I stumbled over it in 2008 and promptly bought it because of the seriously irresistible title. The track in the video above is one of my favorites, and indicative of their then sweet synth-poppy sound. After some wrangling with their now ex-label, they have put out a new record, entitled Would It Kill You? (less synth-y, but still poppy; also still delicious) and are hitting the road with, among other people, Gold Motel. That link back there leads to a free-for-Tweet-or-Facebook-Like tour sampler, which I highlight and heartily encourage you to check out because it includes a Gold Motel cover of Here (In Your Arms) which I cannot stop listening to, and much more besides.

The Black Apples – Where the Wild Things Go (Live at The Echo, Los Angeles, 2010-11-08) by lineinla

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