Boom Chick: Shake Can Well

I’m late in posting about this, but you should know that Boom Chick have a limited edition 7″ vinyl and download available, comprising their songs “Shake Can Well” and “Sweaty Dress” with bonus track “Sharkbite”. I caught these kids at Deep Blues Fest last year, and they were a wonderful surprise. Engaging and hard-rocking, the two-piece draws influence from the blues, obviously, but they also display a big love for early r&b and rock ‘n’ roll, even writing songs about Bo Diddley.

Check out the session they did with Alive & Breathing late last year.


“Shake Can Well”


“Cryin’ Rooster”


The 7″ is available from their Bandcamp site. Check out tour dates, photos, and more at the official Boom Chick website.

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