Canadian Music Week: Canadians at CouchxCouchWest

For those of you who don’t know, CouchxCouchWest is an annual music festival that is held exclusively on the web, where brave souls flip on their recording devices and sing a song anywhere but a stage. Pants are optional, pets are encouraged, and you always get a front row, er, screen, seat. Canada sent several acts this year; below are some of the highlights.

Modern Day Poets, of Vancouver, British Columbia, with This City:

Modern Day Poets – "This City" – #CXCW2015
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Norine Braun, also from Vancouver, B.C. with Drunk, which is about love and day-drinking:

#CXCW2015 Norine Braun Drunk
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The Holy Gasp, of Toronto, Ontario, with a conga-driven song about creepy crawlie nightmares, aka Bedbugs.

And then to clear your mental palate, Winnipeg, Manitoba radio host Nancy Slater with her interpretation of Heavy by The Glorious Sons:

Heavy-The Glorious Sons Cover CXCW2015
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