Mumblr, Full of Snakes

Mumblr, of Philadelphia, have recently released their first full-length effort. It is called Full of Snakes. The accuracy of that title will depend entirely on your personal feelings about snakes. (I have a certain wary appreciation, providing no venemous fangs are in evidence.) I have a good deal warmer feelings about the record; it’s brash and messy and weird and contains a love letter to Philadelphia which gets stuck in my head every time I listen to it:

But there are also tunes like Sober, which is distorted, fuzzy, primal shriek of anxiety:

And Greyhound Station which seething, roaring meditation on the strange combination of sweaty exhaustion, low-level terror, and rage that eventually settles on anyone required to spend any time in the titular location:

It can be a challenging listen, at times, but it is absolutely worth it. In conclusion: here is the video for I Think About You All The Time – also their first video ever – which contains a dude in green paint for no apparent reason and some nudity towards the end. Adjust your viewing plans accordingly.

ITAUATT (I Think About u All The Time) by Mumblr

You can listen to the rest of the record here on Soundcloud, at least for now. Alternatively you can visit their bandcamp.

They will be taking their show on the road starting in October; New York you have a couple shows, but probably should attend the one on Oct. 4 at Shea Stadium, for the complete Grotty Punk Rock Clubhouse Experience; Ohio, they’ll be stopping in Athens on October 10. Everyone else, check their listings and plan your road trips if you need to.

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