Video Grab Bag: Panic! at the Disco, Christina Perri, Industries of the Blind and Empires

This video for Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind), Panic! at the Disco‘s second single off of their new record Vices & Virtues, just came out yesterday, and, you guys, I really just love it so much. Not only is it a great song (turn it up!), but the video is beautifully shot and lit AND there is fabulous choreography. There are also fun costumes, because the whole thing is a visual tribute to musicals, including Grease, Mary Poppins and Singin’ in the Rain. Oh and also SOMEONE GETS SHOT OUT OF A CANNON. It is just delicious.


Panic! At The Disco: Ready To Go [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Continuing with the movie theme, this is the lyric video for Arms, from the upcoming lovestrong by Christina Perri, which features words “projected” onto old-fashioned movie screens. I’ve already confessed to typography nerdery; what I especially like about this one is the way the letters shuffle and jump and sometimes arrive as snarled little knots that then expand into words and phrases.


Christina Perri - Arms [Official Lyric Video]


Next up is music that sounds like it should be in movies, from Industries of the Blind. This video is a teaser trailer for their upcoming record Chapter 1, and so doesn’t contain a full song. It does, however, give you the chance to see all nine (!) of them in action. I haven’t yet had the chance to see them live, but once this semester is over and law school (temporarily) stops interfering with my social life, I’m going to venture out to Brooklyn and catch one of their shows. In the meantime I put it on while I’m working on writing projects, because it is perfect for making all of the other noise in my head settle down so I can focus and concentrate on the task at hand.


Industries of the Blind - Chapter 1 promo


And in conclusion, a band that I hope gets their Hollywood ending: that’s right, Empires, the little rock band that could/band of my heart, has made it all the way to Round Three of the Rolling Stone cover contest. If they make it to Round Four, they have a shot at playing a battle-of-the-bands style show with the other finalist at Bonnaroo,  and, of course, being on the cover of Rolling Stone.  As an enticement to vote for them as often as you can before the contest closes on May 13, I submit TWO new videos for songs written and recorded during the contest, Night is Young and Hard Times. There is also a third song, Hells Heroes, which is available for free from their website. If you join their mailing list while you’re there, you’ll periodically get epistles addressed “Dear Scholars,” which is one of the very many reasons this band is the band of my heart.



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