Postcards from the Pit: The Felice Brothers / Yellowbirds / Mail the Horse, Mercury Lounge, 12/31/12

And now, at long last, the promised pictures from the Felice Brothers’ New Years Eve show.

Starting from the beginning, with Mail the Horse:
Yellowbirds were up next; they’re also from Brooklyn, and were an odd little burst of power-pop in the middle of a twangy, fuzzed-out evening:

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Video: Mail the Horse, Do You Still Come Home?

I reckoned I should start the new year by sharing some NEW music with y’all. Or at least new to me; this song is from Great Kills, a record that Mail the Horse put out this past September.

They’re from Brooklyn via New Hampshire; I learned about them because they were one of the openers for the Felice Brothers’ New Years Eve show at the Mercury Lounge. They were a little bit jammy, a little bit bluesy, a little bit country and all delicious.

I’ll be posting pictures from the show soon, but until then, here they are with Do You Still Come Home? via the TinyRadars Cow House Video Sessions:

Mail the Horse: Do You Still Come Home? (TinyRadars Cow House Series)

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