Late Night Listening: Robbie Fulks, Gone Away Backwards

I don’t know what it is about this record that encourages listening to it in the middle of the night, but that’s when I keep coming back to it: at the end of the day, and in the late/small hours.

I have a suspicion it might be the fiddle, though. I do like a fiddle late at night. (Actually I like a fiddle all the time.) And the lyrics, which have some bite, a little more so than country lyrics usually do.

And this is definitely a country record. Its roots are sunk deep, way past the current topsoil of pop-country, into the bedrock of the open fields and rocky hills of the genre.

It’s also a little bit of commentary on how the genre of country has changed, along with the culture, and, in the case of That’s Where I’m From and Sometimes The Grass Is Really Greener, how where you are from makes you who you really are.

Which, as I prepare to go back to the place where I grew up to visit with people I haven’t seen in 20 years, is probably the real reason I keep circling back to listen to these … Continue reading

Late Night Listening: High Lonesome Ark, Sloppy Gospel

When I created the Late Night Listening category, it was intended to be – for lack of a better metaphor – my own personal 120 Minutes file: a home for things that might be fleeting, might be soothing, might be weird, might be soothing and weird. The blogging equivalent of sitting in the garage twiddling radio knobs just to see what might be out there.

The latest entry into this file is Sloppy Gospel, from High Lonesome Ark, a band which popped into existence last week and is the latest project of Martin Bemberg (Memphis Pencils), along with Dick Darden (drums), Sean Johnson (rockin’ rhythm) and Cody Troglin (dreamy lead, pizza)

Or as they further expanded on it: Nasty Marty Bemberg is bass and baritone, Cody Pizzaboy Trogdog the reverie on strings, while SeanJohn Hard Like A Johnson just rocks all six real hard, and Slick Dick Darden straight up brings it on the pounders.

At present they have turned six songs loose upon the world. I am going to share two:

First, the title track, Sloppy Gospel, because it was not at all what I was expecting, but I wasn’t mad about that, and, also, it persuaded … Continue reading

Late Night Listening: Goldboot, The Electric Eccentric

April 2003

I’m in library school. Spring Break is coming. We’re all too old and over it but talking about our plans anyway.

“Vegas,” I say, trying to keep a straight face, because I am living a cliché. “I’m going to Vegas.”

They widen their eyes and make appreciative noises and ask For what?

I pause, organizing all the possible explanations. A music festival, I say, finally, because that’s mostly what Convergence is. There will be a fashion show and a lot of other shenanigans, I will hang out with a friends from home (by which I mean New York) and friends from afar and maybe even some people I have known for years but never met, but basically it’s a music festival. It’s close enough.

A few days later I finish my last exam or paper or whatever it is and pick up my bag and backflip myself into the slipstream, destination: Nevada. When I get there I am surprised that there really are slot machines in the airport, and that I can, in fact, see the lights of the Strip glimmering in the distance.

Unlike Pittsburgh, where I have been … Continue reading

Late Night Listening: BLVCK CEILING x Jenna Garcia, So Close

BLVCK CEILING and Jenna Garcia have come together to remix (remake?) Feel So Close by Calvin Harris, and their version, which features her crystal clear voice winding through their dark fuzzy noise, is way more interesting than the original.

Check it:

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Late Night Listening: Glen Hansard, The Parting Glass


A wonderful lullaby, here’s Glen Hansard singing the traditional Irish song “The Parting Glass”. Hansard has said he might like to record an album of traditional songs someday, and I hope he does. His strong, pure delivery makes me want to dig out my Dubliners album.


The Parting Glass (trad) performed by Glen Hansard from Conor Masterson on Vimeo.

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Late Night Listening: Fiona Apple, Every Single Night

Or Late Night Viewing, I guess. Viewing and listening. This is the video for her new single, Every Single Night, from her new record The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do, which will be out June 19.

All I’m going to tell you is she briefly wears an octopus as a hat, there are giant snails, and the power of her voice remains undimmed by time. Also, be sure to hang on to the end. The last frame is the best part.


Fiona Apple – Every Single Night

Watch this video on YouTube
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Late Night Listening: Danny Fujikawa

Late Night Listening: This is what I’m putting on at the end of long days in a summer that is going to be chock full of long days. It’s also what I’m listening to while I’m making flash cards for bar review.

Some of it will be soothing, some of it will be weird. Some of it may be soothing and weird, since I’m into that kind of thing. In any case, I’m listening to it and I like it, so I’m going to share it with y’all.

Today in the category of soothing and also delightful: some new(ish) tracks from Danny Fujikawa, formerly of Chief, which represent one of his many on-going projects. These are rough mixes, but I’m fond of them anyway.
The newest one; one of the lyrics is True love is a lie, a sentiment which warms the cockles of my blackened heart:
True Love 2.1 by DannyFujikawa
This one is actually my favorite, shhhh, don’t tell any of the other songs. Also, I kind of wish I had a car so I could drive around with the windows rolled down and … Continue reading