Shana Falana: In the Light

I have a mix I call “Chill Out Drown Out” for when I need to, well, chill out, and also drown out extraneous noise around me. Its music that enables me to calm down and concentrate on important tasks like memorizing the finer points of real property law, or, you know, just provides a chunk of peaceful time in a hurricane of a day.

One of the artists in the mix is Shana Falana, formerly of San Francisco but now living in upstate New York, who, with drummer Michael Amari makes heavy, sweet, dreamy tunes that I find particularly soothing.

Here are four from In the Light, which she released in January:

Light The Fire - Shana Falana (In the Light EP)

DIZZY CHANT VIDEO by Shana Falana "In the Light" EP out now

TRAGIC by Shana Falana "In The Light" EP out now

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