Late Night Listening: Twang Darkly, Modal Creatures

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Twang Darkly is Michael Futreal (dulcimer, guitar, banjo, gourdtar, harmonica, flute), Joel Boultinghouse (bass, guitar) and Troy Messina (drums) and they are based in Shreveport, Louisiana. You’ll notice there are no “vocals” in there; they are, indeed, a purely instrumental trio.

And they are really great. Their sound takes elements from multiple traditions, including mountain music, jazz, and folk, and fuses them all together, with delightful results. All of their songs are excellent; I picked these three to share because I liked the titles.

Skinwalker: This one adds some “horror movie” shine to the proceedings, and is both eerie and lovely:
Modal Creatures by Twang Darkly

Close to the Spark: For when the autumn nights begin to draw in, or any other time a fire must be … Continue reading