Name That Face: Happy Flowers vs Happy Mondays

Name That Face: the series inspired by Jennifer’s adventures in musician misidentification over the years. For anyone who has ever misremembered a band name at a crucial record purchasing moment and tragically bought Patty Smyth rather than Patti Smith; melded “Arctic Monkeys” with “Wolf Parade” and Googled in vain for “Arctic Parade” or “Wolf Monkeys”; or been unsure whether they want something by Swiiim or SWIMM. To tell your own tale of woe, drop Jennifer an email.

Happy Flowers VS Happy Mondays

The Time: November 1988

The Place: A hospital in suburban Virginia

What happened?

I was 13, and recovering from major surgery. My parents, being dear, sweet, people, offered to bring me some new music to listen to while I was trapped in bed. I requested: The Happy Flowers. They checked the name several times. Yes, I said, I’m sure. I was very, very keen to get hold of their music. I had been waiting for months for it to be released. The new Happy Flowers tape was absolutely the one thing I wanted.

A day or two later, a brand new copy of I Crush Bozo was delivered to my eager little hands.

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Name That Face: Randy Travis vs Randy Newman

Good morning, NTSIBbers, and welcome to the first installment of Name That Face. It’s a new thing I’m doing, inspired by some of the epic and sometimes (often) ridiculous mistakes I’ve made over the years in confusing one artist with another for a wide variety of reasons. If you’ve got any suggestions (or puzzles you’d like solved), drop me an an email.

Up today: Randy Travis and Randy Newman.

This is Randy Travis. He started out playing country music in the early ’80s and apparently switched to gospel in the late ’90s but then swung back around to secular tunes again in 2008. Here I give you my two favorite songs: Diggin’ up Bones , from Storms of Life (1986) and Forever and Ever, Amen, from Always & Forever(1987).

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Randy Travis – "Forever And Ever Amen" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

Watch this video on YouTube

And this is Randy Newman, who has been specializing in pop music and movie scores since the early ’70s, and who I have … Continue reading