Father John Misty: Live on KEXP

And now, an NTSIB Thanksgiving tradition: an extended session from one of our favorite artists. This year it is almost a full hour of one of the finest folk balladeers / shit-stirrers / magnificent trolls working today: Father John Misty, recorded live at KEXP in the summer of 2015. The songs are all from his latest, I Love You, Honeybear.

Happy Thanksgiving/Thursday, NTSIBberss.

Father John Misty – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)Father John Misty - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
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tinörks, of Osaka, Japan, is a folktronica band. I was intrigued by this mainly because I wondered how “folktronica” manifested, exactly. In this instance, at least, it’s a ambient experimental noise with a soothing, gentle texture. It’s what I imagine a Zen garden would sound like, if a Zen garden had hands and could use a keyboard.

Here are three songs from ODOMYUNICA, which is, as best I can tell, their sixth and most recent record. You can hear the rest, and explore their back catalog, on bandcamp.

Komorebi [after a rain]: After a spring rain, I think, when everything looks bright and clean, as opposed to an autumn rain, when the world has a bruised cast to it. This is for a cheerful, hopeful nourishing shower, not a downpour.

ODOMYUNICA by tinörks

Ljus och snö [candles and snow]: At least part of this record was inspired by the Northern Lights; this song does sound like the warm glow of candles in the window during a winter … Continue reading

Video: Family Force 5, Sweep the Leg

Family Force 5 are something of a chameleon, by which I mean every time I catch up with them they’ve changed their look. This year’s style appears to be a complex fusion of “video games” and “’80s nerd.” This time around there’s also been some line-up changes: their lead singer (Solomon Olds) retired, and their drummer, his brother Jacob, has assumed frontman duties.

The infectious jams are the same, though. I saw them earlier this year at Warped Tour, at the end of a long, hot day, in front of an impatient crowd awaiting headliners. Family Force 5 started with Sweep The Leg and never took their feet off the pedal. The thing that really stood out: despite the heat, and the impatience, they had ’em dancing all the way to the back.

Family Force 5 – Sweep The Leg (Official Music Video)Family Force 5 - Sweep The Leg (Official Music Video)
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Los Porcos, Porco Mio


I am not normally one for yacht rock, but somehow, Los Porcos have won me over. I suspect it may be that the idea of pig-themed yacht rock is so deliciously absurd that I just can’t resist.

So you can see the awesome album art and hear one of their tunes, here’s Porc Noise Complaint, from Porco Mio, their new EP:

Long may you glide, my porcine friends; may yours breezes always be soft and warm, and your champagne never grow warm.

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Video: Dignitary, Demon Beside Me / Destiny’s False Turn

Dignitary, of Los Angeles, has what can only be termed a cinematic aesthetic, genre: punk noir. Mike Cuenca, their frontman, was at one time a filmmaker, so this is not an accident. The two videos below are for Demon Beside Me and Destiny’s False Turn, both from their recent EP The Tautology; together, they tell a creepy tale of love and murder.

Demon Beside Me: the tale begins, with a coven of witches, and a few of the seven deadly sins:

Dignitary – "Demon Beside Me" Music Video [Goth, Post-Punk]Dignitary - "Demon Beside Me" Music Video [Goth, Post-Punk]
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Destiny’s False Turn: things take a turn for the murderous at a Halloween party:

Dignitary – "Destiny's False Turn" Music Video (2015)Dignitary - "Destiny's False Turn" Music Video (2015)
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Taxes, Lost At Sea / Your Other Left


Below are two remixes from Taxes: Lost at Sea, which is about clinging to love in the face of disaster, and Your Other Left, which is about a commingling of nostalgia and rage into a curdled stew of bitterness. I listened to the originals, and Lost At Sea has been expanded and given some quasi-orchestral layers, while Your Other Left has been completely reconfigured in tone and tempo, to align with that of Lost At Sea.

They are both very good, and you should listen to them:

Lost At Sea / Your Other Left remixes by Taxes

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Lungs and Limbs, Lifelike


Lungs and Limbs are from San Francisco, CA. Lifelike is their first EP.

I’ve been listening to it on and off for a few days now. I keep drifting back to it as a palate cleanser. It’s pop music, light enough to encourage repeat listening, but there’s some thudding drums and reverb in there to add some weight and texture.

This is So Sweet, the first song, and, as it happens, the one that hooked me:

Lifelike by Lungs and Limbs

I’m also fond of Kaleidoscope, because I’m intrigued by the way they use light as a metaphor in the lyrics, and strategically deploy bright shining synth tones throughout the song:

Lifelike by Lungs and Limbs

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Two Songs From: Killing Kuddles

Ok kids. We’re switching gears. Putting the ethereal experimental noise back on the shelf and taking down the obnoxious noisy punk rock with a little bit of folky swing winding through it.

Killing Kuddles are from Atlanta, and today we’re going to listen to Sinking Ship and Dirty Mouth from Sinking Ship, from an EP they put out this summer.

Sinking Ship is also the first song, and when the guitars kicked in I just kind of smiled and nodded, because awww, yeah. Put this on your roadtrip playlist when you blow out of town in search of a fresh start.

Sinking Ship by Killing Kuddles

Dirty Mouth has a little bit of rockabilly flavor – but is played at breakneck punk speed. Mostly about cursing and staying up late and trying to not let your mom know you get up to those kinds of shenanigans.

Sinking Ship by Killing Kuddles

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Video: Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell Williams, WTF (Where They From)

As April tweeted a few days ago: The Queen is back.

Here are Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams with WTF (Where They From) and a video that includes a broad variety of hot dance moves, amazing costumes, and even some puppets. The parts of New York City visible in the background are not where I am from, but – those places, or places like them, felt like home for a long time.

Missy Elliott – WTF (Where They From) ft. Pharrell Williams [Official Video]Missy Elliott - WTF (Where They From) ft. Pharrell Williams [Official Video]
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