Record Store Day 2011: Ashley Brooke Toussant and Shivering Timbers

Record Store Day was not the buy-a-palooza for me this year that it was last year. The one album I was really interested in this year – the reissue of Vanguard’s Skip James Today! – was unlikely to be available at any of my record stores, and having just lost my day job Friday, spending money on a piece of vinyl I can’t play right now anyway (I have four turntables, and none of them are working properly) didn’t feel like a priority.

What was a priority was getting down to Square Records in Akron to catch in-store performances from Ashley Brooke Toussant and Shivering Timbers.

(Don’t feel bad for me. While I didn’t get the Skip James vinyl, I did pick up the Godfathers’ Birth, School, Work, Death on vinyl for a song. And I met Square Records’ resident cat, Kali. Record store cats are aces. So much less haughty than book store cats.)

Ashley Brooke Toussant

It’s difficult to think of a description of Toussant that does not include the word “adorable”. But while she is a wee thing with a cherubic face and big, blue peepers (two people remarked that she looks like … Continue reading

Cut in the Hill Gang: Livin’ in a Town That Ain’t Even on the Map


Here’s how I want to write this post about the Cut in the Hill Gang’s Mean Black Cat: Holy shit, buy this album! Go! Do it now! It is flat-out, fist-pumping, sternum-thumping rock-and-goddamn-roll from top to bottom, and you need it. Then I would throw out a couple of songs, and you would listen and say, “Damn, the effusive writer is correct! Where’s my credit card?”

But some people are going to want more than my exuberant flailing to go on (if you weren’t already enticed by the description of the album in our James Leg interview).

In this most recent incarnation, the Cut in the Hill Gang is comprised of four frontmen: Johnny Walker (Soledad Brothers), Lance Kaufman (StarDevils), Reuben Glaser (Pearlene) and James Leg (Black Diamond Heavies). And on Mean Black Cat, the four put their dirty fingerprints all over other people’s songs. CitHG dip into a number of genres and eras, covering the likes of Lula Collins, the Gun Club, Gary U.S. Bonds, the Kills, Hound Dog Taylor, the MC5, Bill Allen… If you’re familiar with the other works of the CitHG members, the artists covered aren’t a huge surprise, … Continue reading

Notable Shows in the Greater Cleveland Area

Shows worth checking out this week in and around Cleveland:

The Beachland Ballroom & Tavern

  • Fri, Mar 25| 8:30 PM (7:30 PM door)
    Family Band
    Ballroom | All Ages
  • Sat, Mar 26| 9 PM (8 PM door)
    We Are Hex
    Xray Eyeballs
    Wooly Bullies
    Tavern | All Ages
  • Mon, Mar 28| 7 PM (6:30 PM door)
    Martin Memorial
    For Barking Spider’s Martin Juredine

    Readings from Suzanne DeGaetano, Ann Trupo, & Jenna Juredine
    George Foley
    Kevin Richards
    Bill Lestock
    Vicki Chew
    Hillbilly Idol
    Mo’ Mojo
    Carlos Jones

    Charlie Mosbrook
    Poet Ray McNiece
    Martini Five-O
    Natural Facts (Guest poet Ben Guylas)
    Michael McDonald & David Krauss
    Tom Shaper (guest storyteller Tom Croley)
    Jim Volk

    Ballroom & Tavern | All Ages

  • Tue, Mar 29| 8 PM (7 PM door)
    7 Walkers
    Bill Kreutzmann (of Grateful Dead), George Porter Jr. (of The Meters), Papa Mali and Matt Hubbard
    $25 adv / $28 dos
    Ballroom | … Continue reading