Video: Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen

I had a difficult time picking both a song, and then a video, for this post. I finally settled on this one because his voice is the strongest, and he sounds the most – like himself, for lack of a better term.

I had the chance to see Leonard Cohen at Madison Square Garden a few years ago, and I’m glad I took it. I was too far from the stage to take pictures; practically in the rafters. Even elderly and frail he held us in thrall. The Garden has never felt like more of a sacred space – a temple of song, to paraphrase one of Cohen’s own lyrics.

And, too, I am, like a lot of people, genuinely fond of this song.

Rest in peace, good sir. We shall miss you very much.

Leonard Cohen – HallelujahLeonard Cohen - Hallelujah
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Video Grab Bag: David Bowie

Several years ago, at the end of a long conversation about Elvis Presley, and specifically the world’s response to his death, a friend of mine asked me: “Who’s our Elvis? Whose death will stop the world like his?”

We mulled and debated and left the question open.

At 1:30 this morning I rolled over and checked the Internet and got the answer.

I texted the friend this afternoon, to say: This is it. Our Elvis has died.

David Bowie has left us, and I have to tell y’all, I don’t even know where to start. At the beginning, I guess, or what was the beginning for me: Dance Magic Dance from Labyrinth:

David Bowie "DANCE MAGIC" Labyrinth Music VideoDavid Bowie "DANCE MAGIC" Labyrinth Music Video
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I don’t remember when I first heard Let’s Dance, title track of the 1983 record, but it has always been one of my favorites. Here he is singing it, as well as one other song that comes first, with Tina Turner:

Tina Turner & David Bowie – Let's Dance [Official Music Video]Tina Turner &amp; David Bowie - Let&#039;s  … <a class= Continue reading

Two Songs for Dad: Kenny Rogers, The Gambler and Frank Sinatra, My Way

These are two songs my father loved, and passed on to me:

First, The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers, from the record of the same name. We had a tape which I think we about wore out listening to in the car, and he was still quoting the lyrics as advice last month.
The GamblerThe Gambler
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And second, My Way, by Frank Sinatra. One of my earliest memories is of Dad carefully rewinding his reel to reel Sinatra tapes, and the day he discovered the all-Frank-Sinatra-all-the-time satellite radio station was a very happy day.

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Rest in Peace, Daddy.

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