Video: Seth Bogart (feat. Kathleen Hanna), Eating Makeup

There are a few things to recommend this new tune from Seth Bogart, thee Hunx of Hunx and His Punkx, from his album due for release early next year:

1) it features hero Kathleen Hanna (BTW, if you haven’t yet viewed the documentary, The Punk Singer, about Hanna (currently available on Netflix streaming), it is not to be missed),

2) it has magnificent glitter eyeshadow,

3) it has a woman eating lipstick like it’s corn on the cob,

4) it is a fantastic tune to shimmy to when preparing for your weekend activities.


Seth Bogart "Eating Makeup (featuring Kathleen Hanna)" Official Video


Seth Bogart official website (check out that Pee-Wee’s Playhouse aesthetic)
Seth Bogart @ Twitter
Seth Bogart @ Facebook

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A nice little documentary on modern garage rock featuring Jay Reatard, the Dirtbombs, Davila 666, and Hunx and his Punx, among others. It contains performance and interview footage of Reatard filmed just three months before his death on January 13, 2010.