Video: Hangman Two-Step, Blackwater Jukebox

Our friends in Blackwater Jukebox have a couple of new things: a new video, for Hangman Two-Step, which you can watch below, and also a new website.

Hangman Two-Step purports to hail from Australia’s Barossa Valley, acquired during an encounter with Lazarous Scamp and the Bear Tribe Boys.

I like it because every time I listen to it I remember the first time I heard it: standing on a freezing train platform in Newark, NJ, watching rats scuttle over the tracks, and possessed by a spike of joy of the kind that causes one to do things like abandon pastries and dance in public.

As for the video, it is a fine piece of work by Kenji Christopher Green, even if that rope around Geordie’s neck makes me nervous every time the camera pans over it.

Blackwater Jukebox – Hangman Two-Step (official)Blackwater Jukebox - Hangman Two-Step (official)
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Blackwater Jukebox, Blackwater Jukebox


Dearest readers, Blackwater Jukebox (Geordie McElroy and a legion of talented friends) has put out a new, self-titled record, and it is packed full of foot stomping, hip-shaking, grab-your-partner-and-swing-em-around tunes. Some are remixed versions of material from Sleaze of the Reaper and Banjos and Breakbeats; others are new. But they are all great, and worth your time.

To whet your appetite, here is Cleo May, a new tune which I like a lot:

Blackwater Jukebox by Blackwater Jukebox
And also the video for Eastside Girl, featuring Sadie D’Marquez and, you guys, I love it so much I wish I could teleport myself inside it, so I could dance along with the crowd.

Blackwater Jukebox – Eastside Girls feat. Sadie d'Marquez (official)Blackwater Jukebox - Eastside Girls feat. Sadie d'Marquez (official)
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