Dolly Parton, Blue Smoke


Blue Smoke, due out May 20, 2014, is Dolly Parton‘s 42nd studio album.

Sit back and let that sink in, y’all.

It’s vintage Dolly Parton, in the sense that it might not break any new ground, sonically, but yet contains multitudes. No matter which Dolly Parton you like – sassy, sexy, silly, sweet, or bent on saving you – there is something here for you.

My Favorites: Unlikely Angel and From Here to the Moon and Back (with Willie Nelson)

On the other side of the I Will Always Love You coin is this song about a love that arrives late and unexpectedly, after all hope had been thought lost. The chorus has wormed it’s way into my brain and refused to leave. I suspect it will become the go-to wedding song for people who never expected to be able to be married either at all or ever again.

From Here To the Moon and Back, which she shares with Willie Nelson (and originally appeared on To All The … Continue reading

Songs I Love Best: Wildflowers

I don’t remember now how I first discovered Trio, the record Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmyloud Harris put out together in 1987, but I know I bought it on tape because I can remember both the garish pink cover, and the number of times I carefully cued up various tracks for mixes. I acquired it again recently – digitally, this time – when I went on an Emmylou Harris collecting tangent and realized I had missed it, somehow, when I was filling in other digital gaps.

I liked the whole thing, by and large – I can also remember singing along (hand stapled firmly to forehead) to The Pain of Loving You and Those Memories of You at various times in high school – but my favorite track is, was, and ever shall be Wildflowers. If (when) I get a tattoo, “no regrets for the path that I chose” will be a part of it. Of course that’s now, when I’ve been walking a while and had some time to actually make some choices; then, it was more about the hope of invoking the appearance of the path.

In any case, bursting with enthusiasm and … Continue reading