Administrative Update

Hi kids.

Here’s some news on what’s been shaking at the office(s) – by which we mean kitchen tables – of NTSIB.

1) April has made a TRIUMPHANT RETURN. Yes, darlings, the hiatus is over. If you’re just tuning in now and have missed this development, you can hit up her tag to see recent posts.

2) Jennifer is on the verge – nay, in the act, as we speak – of packing her bags and traps and moving to Mississippi. Yes, this is why service has been somewhat reduced this summer. But! Once she has settled, regular service, such as it is, will resume.

3) Jennifer has also been offered a shot at being on a panel at SXSW. You can vote for it here, until tomorrow, Sept. 4. The subject: How to successfully develop relationships with blogs as an emerging artist. The short answer to this question is 1) READ THE DIRECTIONS and 2) BANDCAMP, SOUNDCLOUD, FTLOG, USE THEM, I NEED EMBEDDABLE, STREAMABLE MEDIA. For the long version, with flappy hands and funny faces, will be at the conference, should the panel get picked up. (Or your local dirty rock club, should you meet Jennifer in the crowd.)

4) There really isn’t a four. But here is a picture of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, from when Jennifer went to Cleveland recently:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame #cleveland

A photo posted by Rufus (@rufusowl) on

And also a seagull from Lake Erie, who had no fear. Be the seagull, darlings, be the seagull.

This gull has just no fear. #lakeerie #greatlakes #cleveland #seabirds

A photo posted by Rufus (@rufusowl) on

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