Video: Talking Heads, Wild Wild Life

And now, from deep in the vault, an ’80s classic: Wild Wild Life, by the Talking Heads, which actually won a VMA for Best Group Video in 1987. Though this video can be watched and understood on its own, it is not self-contained; it’s part of a larger work, a movie called True Stories, that was written and directed by David Byrne.

There are a couple of celebrity cameos (John Goodman! Sam Kinison! Someone whom I’m pretty sure is Spalding Grey!) and a couple of parodies of celebrity cameos (Prince, Billy Idol, The Karate Kid, someone who is supposed to represent Cyndi Lauper and/or Madonna); really it is a gently biting commentary on the state of pop culture at the time it was made.


Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life

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