Mark Lanegan Revisited


In my efforts to be a (not very on-the-ball) publicity machine for the criminally overlooked talents of Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, The Gutter Twins), here’s another post focusing on just how awesome he is. First, a 4AD session with the Mark Lanegan Band playing four songs from their most recent album, Blues Funeral:


My favorite Lanegan projects tend to be those where he’s stepping into some one else’s project. Bonus points if he’s in a duet with a soft-voiced female. Which brings me to this cover of the xx’s “Crystalised” in which Lanegan twines his vocals with those of Martina-Topley Bird (with members of Warpaint providing musical accompaniment). Ever since she sang with Lanegan and Greg Dulli on “The Body” (from the Gutter Twins album Saturnalia), I’ve been wishing for a trio album of Dulli, Lanegan, and Topley-Bird. This song is a good consolation prize. A very good consolation prize.

“Crystalised” (The xx cover) – Martina Topley-Bird and Mark Lanegan with Warpaint


Another great collaboration happened back in 2008 when Lanegan laid down vocals for Bomb the Bass’s “Black River”, off the album Future Chaos.

“Black River” – Bomb the Bass, featuring Mark Lanegan


And, finally, as the holidays draw near, a seasonal offering from Lanegan and friends. Dark Mark Does Christmas 2012 is the tour CD currently being offered by the Mark Lanegan Band. While the title and the very concept had me giggling for a good while when I first learned about it, these six tracks (including a Roky Erickson cover) are gorgeous.

Dark Mark Does Christmas 2012


Mark Lanegan Official Website

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