We See Lights: Hopeless at Maths

Maths monsters! This explains everything.

Scottish trio We See Lights have returned to shoot sunshine into your earholes again. And your eyeholes! Here’s an enlightening video for us maths-challenged types, for the song “Hopeless at Maths” off We See Lights’ forthcoming album Bloody Twenties.


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Hopeless At Maths by We See Lights

Bloody Twenties is slated for release in the summer.


We See Lights Official Website

We See Lights @ Bandcamp


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We See Lights: Twee Love Pop


I was going to begin this post by attempting to argue that, despite it’s name, We See Lights’ new EP Twee Love Pop is not actually twee. Considering the songs talk about holding hands, gifting a book of poetry and loving the way the object of affection’s hair curls when it rains, there was no way I was going to win that argument.

But it’s twee in a charming way.

Indeed, Twee Love Pop is so charming that my co-blogger Jennifer and I both like it. As Jennifer says, this “is one of the few times [we] agree on, well, anything, when it comes to music. Other examples: The Felice Brothers and A.A. Bondy. You are breathing rarified air, We See Lights!”

It may also be because they don’t hide their Edinburgh accents, and we’re accent whores.

We See Lights couch their sweet lyrics with acoustic guitar, banjo, bells, light percussion, a lot of happy bounce and, everyone’s weakness, harmony singing. Twee Love Pop is a sunny little love note of an EP. Take a listen to (and download) the first two songs.


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