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Soulsavers: Longest Day


The Soulsavers first came to my attention through their work with Mark Lanegan on It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land, and I was bowled over from my first listen of “Revival”.

(Do this: In the evening, after dusk, when the sky is deep blue, just before black, turn out every light and turn on “Revival”. Turn it up loud enough to fill the room and immerse yourself in it as if it was the sea. Feel it push and pull you, gently drift you, threaten to smash you against the jagged rocks just off the coast. Do nothing but listen, let it turn into a meditation. And when the song is over, slowly emerge back into the world, like walking out of the sea onto the sand. Feel a little water-logged, a little battered, with salt in your mouth and grit in your hair, but somehow cleansed)

The band have also put Richard Hawley, Will Oldham, Gibby Haynes, Mike Patton, and Jason Pierce in the singer capacity. This time around, with The Light the Dead See, the Soulsavers are collaborating with Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan – who is a self-professed Soulsavers fan and “Lanegan junkie”. Take a listen to “Longest Day”.


Soulsavers – Longest Day by Cooperative Music


By all accounts, the recording was an effortless and magical experience, even despite Soulsavers’ head man Rich Machin being hit hard with a case of tinnitus shortly after the process began. The end result will be released May 22nd.


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Mark Lanegan. Enough Said.

Mark Lanegan doesn’t get enough attention, as far as I’m concerned. So, for your Friday enjoyment, here’s a selection of some of my favorite Lanegan-led songs. Warning: knee-melting may occur.


Mark Lanegan – “Methamphetamine Blues”


Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan – “Back Burner”


Soulsavers, featuring Mark Lanegan – “Revival”


The Twilight Singers with Mark Lanegan – “Live with Me/Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”


Mark Lanegan Band – “I’ll Take Care of You”


Mark Lanegan – “Man in the Long Black Coat”


Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan – “Come on Over (Turn Me On)”


Mark Lanegan Band – “Wedding Dress”