Alex Greenwald: Balisong (She Told Me So)

Balisong (She Told Me So) is a teaser from Alex Greenwald’s as-yet-untitled (and unreleased) solo record, which – and I say this with bemused affection – I have been referring to as “Nessie”, since I do sometimes feel like I’m sitting on the edge of a dark Highland loch with a toy radio, waiting for static-filled fin sightings. And, too, when (if?) I do ever get to write about it, there will be a certain amount of myth and legend (i.e. out-of-date Wikipedia notes) to untangle. But until such time as it glides to the surface, there is this song, which is a love song for a knife, and is made of many dark, shimmery layers: BALISONG (SHE TOLD ME SO) by ALECKSU